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Life is entwined with various uncertainties of emotions
We have to bear carrying well in its moving direction
At times we feel sick, sad and so much alone
There are times we feel imcomplete and down.
Yet there are also times we are beckoned by challenges
We are being tested how pleasant we can carry difficulties
Some blow their weakness unmindful, so easily
Some  express their feelings in an unpleasant way
Why can't we not just embrace the pain within?
Yes I know it's hard and not just a cup of tea then
But when we have anger and flaring temper to burst
Why can't we just hum and sing not to make it worse?
Yes I know it isn't easy to control the wrath within
Yet in hurting others, do you think our hearts also aren't in pain?
We feel also sad and drowned as the day coming to its end
In rough times,  to the symphony of our souls let's try to listen
When silent tears wished to cascade and stream  down
Why can't we just tell ourselves at least my spirit had grown?
When we are alone and empty that no one cares to listen
Why can't we just be grateful with the air we breath in?
If we find disappointed with things that don't go our way
Why can't we tell our spirits , the best is heading to our pathway?
Come, be glad, sing like humming birds without little worries
They will be tired encroaching and testing our strengths
Let's embrace the tease of life and let's be a stress free
As gleeful hearts in the moving clouds, can fly so highly
We can talk with heavenly  angels to the skies as we afloat
We can kiss the whisper of the breezes with its healing soothe
And we can hear the hymns of the blaring wind across
Our life is short, let it be filled with spirit and be engrossed
Let us reach the horizons that speak to our innermost
Messaging us the wisdom we need,  to inspire this awesome world..

Copyright @ Helen Sarita, 8/14/2016


Upon watching the innocent silent water on that rocky river
I paused to contemplate what life wants to bring me over
I was unhappy, uncontented like them and many others
Keenly I observed life, thinking how to make things better

My thoughts flowed like a lonely cascade of a scarce stream
I wasn't equipped to conquer such dearth, unto me came
There were lot of hindrances that barred along my way
There were lot of questions like why does pink turns grey

Life had to go on and diligently it has to be learned
Promising and exciting as it went on, in our breath it blends
There were times we had a roller coaster emotions
We rode its uncertainties and it's ups and downs

Then one time my heart delved me to places I never expect to be
I stumbled, I tried to rest from shouldering the cross I carry
I danced wild with the rocking music of this world
I became unselfish and let myself float in a high cloud

My life became chaos, I had nowhere to go and no one to run
Except to the welcoming God waiting for me to come
I put everything to Him.. and with Him, I offered my life
As I paved to continue my journey, in inspiring others I glide

Love in our hearts is the main ingredient to be happier
We only live once in life let's  make our lives worth living
I believe trust is what the main thing to make life becomes better
Forgiveness is what we need so that peace within be found again

Look at me now.. smiling with my peaceful heart
In life, I will be forever thankful and truly be glad
Loving and hugging all my friends and kissing their pains
Whilst in devotion of my mindful and sparkling colored pens


I am whom anyone's heart sees in me
A gentle reflection of their own inner beauty
I am a queen of my own miniature kingdom
I run uneasy things so light without boredome

I'm like a fish busy swimming in a big ocean with no chance to sleep beyond
I am a colorful butterfly flying in the garden giving vivid ambiance to a candid paradise
During the storm, I am like an eagle soaring calmly upon the highest skies
I am a woman of hope and love, in turbulence of life I believe I can always survive

I am a lover of this temporary life yet I am not afraid to  die
I love to stay the world yet ready to leave upon the calling of time
My heart is always rekindled with wishes and love
I dream to see my loved ones living their dreams so glad

What you see on me attests my real personality
My imperfections and flaws speak my real beauty
Their is a kind of love within me many souls can define
And there's such a great love in my heart only to my soul aligned

I am a cascades of laughter to my beloved friends
I am a spring of inspiration to everyone else
I am the falling star of a very wishful evening
I am an ethereal moonlight in the dark sparkling

I am the book of my imagination
I am what my heart churning in motion
I am what the wisdom speaks in my poetry
I am a woman so full.. .I am a
woman of so many me..
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