Thursday, September 1, 2016




June shut me up within four walls
with thunder rumbling sorrow on me
with excruciating pain, grief and sadness
I turned to painting on the empty space
But my yellow turned to grey disillusionment
green leaf to bluish dreams
the brown tiger to purple desire
grey bird took wings as pink aspiration
thick forest with the inescapable color
color of twilight is of strained laughter
the dark cloud is of evasive happiness
white cumulus absorbed the color of elusive peace
the nude woman with the color of loneliness
lion roaring with grey screams
black smoke emerging with golden memory
lotus swaying with the color of dirt
wind flowing with the color of uneasiness
pleasant breeze conjuring up color of heaviness
............i am waiting.......
waiting for the day star to reveal the true colors


on the upward surge....
the treasure-chest spilling pain
which the tears are not able to measure

the winding path on the meadows
with shadeless trees
the scorching heat
which the summer is not able to calculate

among the autumn dry leaves
rustling thorny silence
life's superlatives brushing on my cheeks

winter mist
treading on torture and torment
to bleed....
sometimes the echo of soft gentle laughter
adding spice with beauty's pain
and the chill the winter is not able to feel

the spring elusive....
forgotten in misery and pain
embarrassment picking rights and wrongs
adding to the burdened shoulder

mysteries scattered on the path
to feed on unknown fears
sweeping memories lost and found
enwraped in numbness
the shapeless shadow
reflecting on the ripples of troublesome water

on the cross-roads...
not for freedom's unlimited choice
nor for love's unexplored joys
pining for a shore blossoming solace
yearning for life's little surprises


a song oozing out of the myrtle leaves
mystifies the path
with a song within a song

the jasmine holding many a breath
of honeyed sleepless nights
adds glow and glitter

swaying from hope to wishes
the orchids longing look

the daffodils winked at the rose
in pursuit of happiness

the dahlias trying to enjoy breezy coolness
grooming into consequences

the marigold pretended indifference
peeling an orange sweet and sour

the violets creeping on the silence
blooming on hearts defining beauty

the daisy with silvery delight
wait for birth and rebirth

the chrysanthemum numb with frozen memories
heavy with faltering souls

the tulips at the corner stood as pallbearer
of the psyche of the lost souls

the night enchanting and absorbing nature's rhythm
sprinkles lilac,magenta,yellow,pink and purple

the trees embrace the laughter of desire
to conquer the blushful dreams

and every petal of every flower
with the signature of poets
giggling at realities

and me with the moon on my hair
and the sun in my heart
and all the stars around us
waking into consciousness


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