Thursday, September 1, 2016




I saw the colours of dancing rainbow,
Its vibrancy and its transparency,
Its grace, and its mellifluous flow,
Glowing and playing in the blue sky,
The loving sight is making me bright,
I started humming with the sight,
Intoxicating me slowly to encircle me n then making me dance with its rhythm,
Drowning me into the deep waves of ocean,
The powerful currents is shivering me,
Giving me blues,
I could feel my body trembling,
My thunder is melting slowly n slowly,
With the voluptuous waves of torrent,
I saw the rainbow smiling at me,
Blinking its colourful rings,
My wings becoming more energetic,
Desires to feel the touch of rainbow and its beautiful tinge,
This will make me fall in love with me again


Its raining like cats and dogs,
The city is submerged and waterlogged,
The traffic rush and crowd crash with each other,
To reach their destination in this hooch pooch,
The intensity of rain rises time to time ,
Creating panic to the public in the streets;
I saw a girl clad in blue standing in queue,
Waiting for bus ,I couldn’t control my blinks,
I saw her slender curves caresses by rain drops
,Revealing her statuesque beauty and shape,
She radiates in rain,
The Indian damsel’s dress dripping pearl drops,
The drops from wet curl shinning from her beautiful cheeks,,
Water touching her pink lips,
I saw the vibrations of her lips,
Perhaps whispering some romantic tune,
I guess may be for her lover Moon,
Her dreamy eyes,wet eyelashes blinks,
My pulse raises , beating loud,
Creeping a desire to be her close friend,
My limbs want to follow my heart,
Her stupendous curvature trigger my fire,
I rushed to her ,to feel her beauty more adjacently,
I feel i am raining heavily within,
Alas!! The bus ..................She stepped in
I remained wonder-struck watching her two beautiful ankle clad feet.
Stepping inside the jammed bus,
Rain paused for sometime but I am raining inside!!


I wonder for this out pour,
It shook me,
Adding colour to my shades of pink,
Awestruck I think what happened to me,
Why can’t I focus on any thing?
Why I started dreaming of roses and its dew,
Why the hot air in chill noon,
I find snow in the wooden rift,
The ladders of it covered by flower’s ring,
My eye lashes hardly blinks,
I feel as if I am sprouting again in green,
My steps dance with my pounding heart,
Hips swing ,hands cover my face’s coloured tinge,
I blush ,that my warm ear lops sings,
Lips silent ,yet couldn’t hide my crimson tale,
Twinkling eyes speaks of joyous heart,
With the encounter of click of spring,
Heels disobey me to stay in circle,
It measures the distance to reach the horizon,
I could guess this is the effect of out pour,
This is giving me bumps to fly with fairy wings,
Oh......dear ...what’s happening to me,
Because of this out pour.


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