Thursday, December 1, 2016




To my beloved,
You may not understand
what a man like you
does to a woman like me.

Your presence,
awakens the slumber
of my dreams
rushing through my veins
like the sun's glorious light,
brightening our darkened moon.

Happiness is all
that can result,
from a love
that journeyed through the world
to finally.....
reach home.


We are lovers of words, yielding only to words of love.
With glorious wings, they disappear into
realms of the night, hidden by moon's shadows; iridescent beauty,
igniting our genius.

Lost within the stars they may be,
yet for me,
thrillingly visible,
in the loving stare of your eyes,
creating madness
where never before seen.
In the delicate graze of your touch,
where breath escapes routine,
coveting death for relief.
In the delight of you kisses,
where reality
transcends into nothingness;
obese only with all that is you,
my everything.

I become dizzy,
enamored by your havoc.
My words disappear,
tragedy is forthcoming,
my life begins anew.


My beloved,
Honored would I be
to lay in the beauty
of your embrace.
Grateful would I be
to kiss the delicacy
of your cheeks.
Death can come
to this desolate reality,
in the sacred presence
of your touch.

My darling,
run to me
find me
where oceans
fuse into
the love we have created,
two souls,
floating in
a mystery of divine magnitude.


MARIBELLA GENOVA was born in London, with a Portuguese heritage, and grew up in Florida in the United States around multiple cultures. She is a polyglot: she speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and novel Italian. Maribella infuses her talent into poetry, writing, blogging and photography while appreciating classics and contemporary projects. Some of Maribella’s works can be found at Lunaris Review, Our Poetry Archive Online Journal and Maribella is a single mother of two, widowed at a young age. Her spiritual journey has brought her to a place of peace, allowing her space to explore different creative expressions.

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