Thursday, December 1, 2016




Run for the hills my dear
You shouldn’t continue to hold me near
It’s all too complicated to explain
My life is such a crazy drain

My stress is multiplying
If it does not ease soon
I may be crying

So if you’re looking for stress free
You ain’t looking for me
But if you looking for crazy
Then I just might be

The girl you want by your side
If not please run for hills
Before all my stress give you the chills

Megan Goff @ 2016


Does it even matter to you
How I feel
Does it even matter to you
Are my feelings real
Thought we had an understanding
I thought you knew me well
Now it seems that understanding
Was all in my head
But I won’t dwell on the past
I’ll make what I have in this moment last
Time to put the past behind me
Time to let it go
Time to let the future find me
Time to let you know
How your words have hurt me dearly
How you’ve made me cry
I know you aren’t seeing clearly
I know you don’t know why
But I have to tell you
It hurt me through and through
And those things you said to me
I’d never say to you

Megan Goff @ 2016


This goes out to all the girls who have ever had their heart broken
When no words can not be spoken
To make you feel good

When the world seems to be crashing down around your ears
And no one else hears
Your pleas I will be there

I'll be your friend
Until the very end
The one you can count on

Because I know exactly how you feel
I know how heartbreak can make your head reel
I've been there before

I know the future may seem bleak
Like no words that I can speak
Will make this seem alright

But there is a light
And even though it might
Seem as if I am spitting lies

I will be there to help you through
I'll make you smile
And in while

You'll be smiling on your own


MEGAN GOFF has lived in Long Island, New York her entire life. She lives with her mother and uncle in her childhood home. Her first book, Penned Straight from The Heart, was published in January of this year. You can find her on and amazon


  1. Hello sweet megan.. You are a living star. your poetry is so wonderful to read.. you write from your heart..