Thursday, December 1, 2016


Sandra Sass


Remember the day we met
In that hot July day
When interest flared and feeling ruled
And forever seemed an endless length of time?
Our wedding, a day etched deeply in my mind.
Our honeymoon was passion found only in a book.
We laughed, we cried, we loved we grew~

Then something changes
We laughed less,
We yelled more
Time erased the love we shared.
Turn around my love
And see what is still there.
A love always given
A beating heart for you~

Turn around and let the memories find you
Of passion and steamy nights.
Don't let me walk away from you
Find the love I see inside~

Turn around
Hold out your hand
Take me back into your arms
Let love find us once again~

Sandra Sass@2016


As I walk out in the world
I see faces staring back at me
And I wonder what their thinking
And who they truly see~

I am not one of those perfect ones
Who people gather round
I am the quiet, lonely one
The one without a sound~

Yet when I look into the mirror
I try to see who's me.
Am I the one who smiles?
Or do I watch the floor unseen?
Until I look into the mirror
And see the real me
And love the view I see~

I will never let anyone truly know who's me.
So gaze into your mirror
Don't hide behind the lies
Find the person hiding
Out there in plain sight~

Sandra Sass @2016


I cried for joy so long ago
When they placed you in my arms.
Not knowing then the years ahead
Would be riddled with pain and harm.
I struggled each year to force away the tears that
Cancer brings to me.
I want your life to be happy without the strife to take away your joy~

Yet through it all my only goal was seeing your 18th birthday.
I watch now and pray each day to allow you to continue to grow.
As the darkness of illness beats at your door and tries to take you home.
Let me lead my precious daughter
To homes loving door~

Don't leave me with the sorrow of sending you home before.
Life is short
Live it true
Don't let anger lead you astray
Keep love ever present in all that you can do~


SANDRA SASS Tennessee USA Sandra lives in Covington, Tennessee, she is a mother of her son that just turned twenty-one she is an Author of scifi books. She has tw published and other one that she is working on now. She is single love to write and teach. You can find her on lulu and amazon. SANDRA SASS has already became “The Poet Of The Month” of the May 2016 issue of OUR POETRY ARCHIVE. 

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  1. My sweet wonderful girlfriend you are soooo famous.. an author and a Poetess.. I am so glad to see you in Our Poetry Archive