Thursday, December 1, 2016




V1/      You are so far gone and so far away,
Will we ever see the light of day?
The rainbow's colours are fading gray,
The sky has blues it cannot wash away.

Ch/     So when the silence falls between us,
Do our dreams break down, scattered like dust?
Oh when the silence falls between us,
My heart's like a machine gathering rust.

Scattering the ashes of our love,
I cry against it to the stars above,
Scattering the ashes of our love,
It's the last thing to do my love.

V2/     Don't burn it down, don't take the stars away,
Can we please break through our tears today?
Don't break my heart and throw it all away,
Can we please break through our tears today?
©1 October 2016 Whitney Rix Victory II



(A Song About Depression)

Ch/     To the hundredth broken hearted dream,
The kind that tears you apart at the seams,
To the silence only broken by screams,
To the dying inside hope's last gleam.

V1/      To the ones we've loved but couldn't reach,
To the final words written on the beach,
To the confusion and disillusion,
Emotional whirlwind's dire desolation.
V2/     And the hearses have left with their curtains drawn,
Leaving the photographs and memories,
Flowers dying on a cemetery lawn,
For depression is a vile disease.

V3/     Though you want to leave like many before,
You must find help, death is a final door.
Get out of your head, ask for help instead,
You are loved despite the tears you've bled.
©19 September 2016 Whitney Rix Victory II


Ch/ I'm a loser, I'm just a freak,
So don't you even let me speak!
Fill my head with your old story,
Never will I attain glory!

V1/      I must be so damn pathetic,
Your words are not copacetic,
I must not be human to you,
I'm not perfect, what can I do?
V2/     Why speak with daggers in each word,
Well I've a heart that's rarely heard,
I must live where the lions sleep,
One eye open, watch I must keep!

V3/     I'm beneath a human to you,
If I lie, then tell me what's true!
I'm a loser, just a loser,
You must be some kind of user!

Overdosing on anxiety,
Oh bring back my teen angst to me,
Overdosing on anxiety,
You just go ahead and judge me!

©19 June 2016
 Whitney Rix Victory II

WHITNEY RIX VICTORYII  has an exhaustive biography, beginning even before he became involved with the Pleiades Brain Trust in the 1980s. He grew up in a well-established family business with over 10 distinct companies. With 4EComm, he designed systems for commerce, that drew the praise of the former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory for their innovations. Dr. Dennis L. Good felt that Mr. Victory's systems for global commerce deserved the Nobel Prize in Macroeconomics. This praise came even though Mr. Victory's training in economics and banking was self taught.

While at the Pleiades Brain Trust, Mr. Victory dealt with the core segments of nanotechnology in their infancy, called the rise and fall of foreign currencies with great accuracy, based on his simple model and focus and also created innovations in technology on the fly that are still being proven correct to this day. With Vicco INTL., he deals with the Commodities markets, fiduciary systems and consulting, the construction of commodity based annuities, charitable funding schematics and financial instrument creation for project funding.

Mr. Victory continues to work with 4EComm and Vicco to this day as a part of his everyday work and interfaces with clientele across the globe as he structures a second brain trust to drive a new wave of innovation.

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  1. This Prolific Songwriter is a Star!!! I wish I could hear his words turned into sound .... he's fantastic and his body of work impeccable!!!!