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The Words were form fitted
chosen  ,             just especially for you
the ones you needed  ,  ones you could hear
that could not  ,  would not be
You could trust the truth of them
they filled an empty cup
they were given to bind up
every wound
to heal every thing broken
to shed light and dispel
a balm and remedy for
every ill and untoward
to bring you good news  ,  joy ,  and gladness
to bring hope where
there was none
to lift your heart and bring your mind
to reach for
their true potential
to teach you to become
the words
to transform your substance
into a new one

the true alchemy

these words change lives
these words power your life
they are the ones that embrace
that will hold you  ,  will teach you
that show their love for you
they are a joy to hear
and to be spoken  , upon rising
upon  retiring  ,  and though out
all your activity
These words were made for you
In them you will find your Love
you will find your Joy
they will bring peace  , compassion
gentleness  ,  goodness  ,  generosity
kindness  ,  patience   ,  and faith
you can trust they will always
seek every goodness for you
they will fill your every
Without them
the World would be
a cold place
in deed

John 1:1-4  Isaiah 61:1
Luke 4:16-20  Gal 5:22
1John 4:7-11 Matt 5:14-16

November 2014 C Michael Miller



We    have been cheated

of watching     the mist   on the mountains

of the        every day joys

living by waterfalls       and mountain fountains

of nature in all of her

majesty        in daily display

Civilization      has     broken

a      pristine earth      in play

to live        in the system

built of tar     and cement

the struggle for its money

upon things     it is spent

My joy is where lakes

and their water lilies bloom

where the prickly       cactus   grows

and changing seasons     in each room

when the clouds        are  blown

like feathers           about           in the wind

where our              considerations think

left to men           it will end

Will you             miss the blue parrot

neon yellow        chickadee

gone      the toad           golden

likely    too soon            will the bee

the dance          of        courtships

where        flocks       move to mate

as         the corporations          poisons

their death             is its fate

So  many         dead zones

now exist           in our seas

left to those     who now        govern

the worlds     bounties       now seize

If you           expose          them

you could           disappear

passed            executive           orders

now     make       this law       clear

COPYRIGHT © 2012 C Michael Miller

via Duboff Law Group LLC



Earth         was a perfumed garden

residing in a single                    galaxy

beauteous fair among the planeted channels

so blooms its presence           which has given birth       to me

lighted reflections among the waterfalls

succulent as oranges in bowls of cedar

or apple blossom petals dancing in the winds

there enticed my heart

to the park of natures nursery

where the trails are laden

with baby’s breath and blueberries              myrtle

juniper  , ash , thimbleberries , and chanterelles

we have steeped peppermint , currant         and sassafras for tea

with hyssop , palmetto , and mandrake

turmeric , saffron , paprika , sage                among our spices

dried plantain , maiden hair and olives

have graced our tables

mallow , ginseng , nutmeg , cinnamon , pennyroyal

tamarind , rue , every flora and fauna that sprouts

unrivaled in all her bounties

provisions made for                  every delight

energy and power has shaped her mountain ranges

meadows , valleys , islands , and seas

so complete her resources

that we can find nothing that delights

lacking in her                                   but we ourselves

how quickly man has replaced

her cotillion of species

with cement and a                  flat screen

where empire means empty

and shaped steel means plenty

and the dance of dominion

is the desolation of what supports our lives

shackles , chains , slavery , prison

to a shallow society of souls surrendered

to the immolation of creation

the arsenal of greed and pride

which has bound the herd

upon the precipice of suicide

where swiftly the poison of property

has dashed and crushed life

upon the rocks where nothing can grow

the slow death of humanity

drowning in his own debris

our luxury someone else’s slavery

the 10 year old who is hungry

and climbs into a pit for what we consider

less than nothing

mining our riches

we decry poverty and bondage

but sight unseen              does not make us clean

where sensory masturbation is the

addiction of the masses

all that is left for the ” lower classes “

I’ll not give you this

if you haven’t looked around

you are considered      ” remiss “

the 99 percent are still richer than

two thirds of the rest of humanity

your baby sitter is no longer “black and white”

but unfettered violence of every type

when the store is empty

where will you turn  ??

Matt 24:3-14

IITim 3:1-5   Apocalypse 11:15-19


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