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Long Narrative Poem

The journey, a repose upon the sea-
Time lapse, waves carrying a path unseen.
In blues of crystal and smoky waters,
Serene Clearness and foggy dividers.
Brightness, warmth of the sun that shines upon
Looking toward the horizon and beyond
Within mind’s vision and physical eye
My journey began, bid the world goodbye.

Sailing upon a brilliant crystal sea;
My tranquil heart leaped, new life foreseen.
Where the flowers bloom white, no colors of grey.
Where birds sing, carnivores no longer prey.
Only through visions and promise of hope
My sails blow on, as my boat is afloat.
Now far from dry ground; my journey moves on
Toward eternal white, my old life now gone.

Clearness and blue; water calm and serene.
Joy in my laugh- exploding my being.
Though perceiving not what lied up ahead;
Developing darkness, one I would dread.
Laying my head down repose for the night,
Longing, expecting tomorrow’s grand plight.
It was the end of day one; no sorrow.
Began to dream the hope for tomorrow.

I woke to the rising of the sun’s rays
Orange, golden, yellow, crimson plays
Upon the horizon; its morning dawn
The hues of the sky, my eyes became drawn-
Upon what is not yet seen or perceived
The island of white, in faith I believed
Will anchor upon; my sails are blowing
Toward my hope- my eternal belonging.

As I drifted, light winds catching the sails.
The sun still rising; glimpse of dolphin tails
Who were content in their journey also
Singing, swimming- their hope for tomorrow.
I sang along with the familiar tune
Not realizing the future course’s doom.
As the sun continued rising upon,
The sail boat’s bow as time moved on.

The time had lapsed into noon I had guessed.
I saw in the distance trials and tests.
A dark fog settling on up ahead,
And clouds of black coal, I began to dread.
Terrestrial rains, Zeus’ lightening bright bolts
Shot across the grand skies- I prayed- I hoped
As the sky sounded its awful thunder
I dreaded the boat would go asunder.

Poseidon beneath the boat was enraged
As I felt the fury of him uncaged-
Into new heights unseen; I held on for life
As a heavenly war broke out full strife.
I prayed my physical body on board
Remain upon, not falling overboard
As the floodgates of heaven opened wide
As angry rains fell upon every side.

Waves carried me through a thunderous scene.
Continued praying. It was only day three
Of my journey to new spiritual heights
Where flowers bloom and birds take their flights.
Images of promise rolled through my head,
As I laid upon the boat’s wooden bed.
Looking up toward heaven’s power display,
A bright light appeared; not thunder’s array.

Bright light soared down through the heavenly scene-
An image of man with heavenly wings.
The great light encamped the sailboat’s stern
Along with the bow, its sides did not burn
But provided peace that dark stormy night
The boat lifted up, achieving strange height.
I am Michael, God’s angel from above;
Protection from Poseidon’s push and shove.

As morning settled to dawn I awoke.
The sailboat sailing, calmly afloat.
The night I endured; protection through night
Safely aboard on day four of my plight.
This day was different than dawn of day three,
The sails were blowing, again I felt free-
As the first day I launched from shore to sea-
Eternal Island of white I would be.

My companion friends with fins did return
Singing their songs at the bow and the stern.
Dropping within some fresh fish from the sea-
God’s provision for hunger; I did eat.
My appreciation to him I sang:
In praise adoration- His saving grace
Protection, guidance; the night I endured
Michael, the angel- and my hunger cured.

As night approached, my soul was calm and eased.
The beauty of sunset; I felt so pleased
To witness horizon’s hue on the sea
Colors profound, beyond what the eye sees.
Out to the East in the Galaxy high
The crescent was rising, hooking the sky
Drawing in night; grasping onto the dark.
The stars did flicker, and they did spark.

Dwelling serene of day five’s morning dawn.
To the majestic horizon morn’s drawn.
My vision of inner hope sails upon
The promise seen- I believed- pressed on
With my journey I knew to be nearer
To anchor my boat, my mind was clearer
Than day three enduring the thunderous sea-
When encamped with torment and fear of being.

A promising sign of a brand new day.
A smile, a laugh, as my dolphin friends play.
A sign of smooth sailing: the waters blue
Their singing, jumping, a wondrous clue.
From today, of day five’s long sea journey:
Of crystal blue seas and black clouds turning,
Of radiant Michael, Poseidon’s grief,
A heavenly war; protected- did leave.

In a bright light sent from heaven above
Over black clouds, thunderous skies, with great love.
Eternal promise, sailing from day one
Felt dread and fear, though never left alone.
Found protection in heaven’s grand light’s gift:
Descending angel, miraculous lift
Away from the heavenly cosmic war,
My boat afloat, I would fear no more.

Twas the morning’s dawn of journey, day six
With peace of mind, while the waves softly kicks
Upon my temporal earthly ocean ride
The fruit of kindness, self-control- not hide.
Perceiving in the distance my hope’s dream
My eternal belonging is now seen.
Beyond mind’s vision it did now appear
As the boat softly rocked and floated near.

I knew this day the dark trials were worth it.
The long dark journey, and rocky current.
Encamped protection, inner strength was found
Even while walking on the solid ground,
Before my sailboat left for the sea-
My search for peace and serenity be.
Embracing the grandest strength that is found
Received the unfailing love that’s profound.

My boat gently nudged upon solid shores.
The anchor was dropped; my old life no more.
I stepped upon the Island’s beach; white as snow
Eternal Island, not an earthly show.
Gardenia- more than I ever thought
Was white as snow, from the flow of red bought.
I perceived not emotion as I stepped…
Upon the Island, but an inner gift.

Upon the white beach an archway was found
Where the flowers bloomed and vined all around.
The gateway into eternal life shone
A pathway to my illuminated home.
I gazed upon many wondrous sights:
The hues unseen- flourishing life- birds in flight
Upon the heaven’s an awesome glory
I searched, excited to tell my story.

The story of when I had launched my boat:
Torment and fear on the water afloat,
Piercing the darkness, with joy in my heart
Knowing the hand of the Lord would not part-
From the bow to the stern, and outer being
Satan would flee in witness of seeing
The intersession of my life that day
When I cried out and I humbly prayed.

I strive in hope, in glory now seen
Due power of love over evil’s keen-
Drawing temptations and warring life’s strife
My decision made, giving God my life.
I am now surrounded by beauty’s hues
Peace in dark valleys, no longer my blues
But memories of the view upon the sea
Unto the white sands, and the island’s trees.


Found in “A Poetic Journey Through Life”

STACIA LYNN REYNOLDS, Iresides in the state of Ohio, United States of America. She is  the author of two published books: Escape Down the Roman Road, and A Poetic Journey Through Life. Also an editor and freelance writer. She holds great joy and have pride, in the joined participation and efforts, of the editorial team, of Our Poetry Archive.

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