Thursday, December 1, 2016




As if by magic seasons acquaint themselves to nature every year.
Each passing pathways with a simple hello.
Some speaking English, while others articulate fluently in Italian, Spanish, French and more.
Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter brighten the world in their own imagery of character.

Spring's transient beauty awakens the earth.
Flowers bud in unique personality.
Blossoms sweet fragrance sachets scent the air.
Elegant Humming Birds imbibe in the delectable nectar.
Birds fly exultantly in the dapple apparent horizon.
Sun wraps his rays around the antitrade wind in a warmhearted hug.
Spring shouts hello! (English)

Summer days allure heat waves.
Trees splay their limbs into an inviting shade.
Tapestry of green carpets yards.
Flowers droop with dehydration.
Sultry breeze brings no aid to the merciless sun.
Parched landmarks cry for relief.
Summer yells "Ciao"! (Italian)

Autumn’s luminous landscape enhances the horizon.
Brilliant shades of leaves cling to trees,
until the wind sends them shimmering to the ground.
Flowers bow their blooms in good night for Winter Solstice.
Harvest Moon glows in the chilling sky.
Crisp dewy mornings lighten the day.
Autumn says hullo. (Spanish)

Winter's scene is a transparency of bleakness.
Naked trees shiver in the frosty breeze.
Wintry rain conflates with sleet and snow.
Fog pane windows freeze.
Wind wails in  bewildering.
Gray skies grieve for warmer days.
Winter whispers bonjour. (French)

Mother Nature sends Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter,
each in their own fashionable way.
Some speak English, Italian, Spanish, French and more.
Kathy Sills @ 2016


Body artful and slender listens to the classical lyrics of the waves
Seagulls yell their applaud as she dances upon the sandy beach
Immense pleasure entwines within her image
Solitude waves in the wind as she spreads her arms gracefully
The ocean's music plays on in absolute joy

The pristine sunrise dance in shades of primary colors that becomes emphatic against the horizon
Emotional sensation encloses her heart
She pirouettes, twirling on pointed toes as the tempo of the waves change rhythm
Bright reflections of her existence promote a smile

She recognizes and activates her talent to the world
Physical stamina breathes life
The art of being a ballerina relinquishes a magical universe,
searching for fulfillment is found
Divine inspiration creates beautiful choreography

Each performance tells a mystifying story
Ballet acquisitive in nature brings a glass of sweetness that refreshes the soul
Creativity and love to become a prima ballerina is fashioned in each musical step
A soft glow of completion is a star of dreams coming true

A tutu of flirtatious moves is done with strength and no flaws

Enriched with joy she takes a bow
To have danced upon this world brings a blessing within herself
Kathy Sills @ 2016



The lemonade sun sparkles its melon rays
Summer lawns luxuriant with green
Sky coloured blue
Lily-White clouds be adrift
Feathery breeze blows in sweet dreams of love,
we thought would never fade

Autumn kisses the earth
Leaves in varicolored array the trees
Soft whispering wind cause them to dance to the ground
The sun sets in a rainbow of vibrant shades

Snow embraces the landscape in a wintery bliss
Crisp air mingles with warm breath
Crackling fire burns to ember in a fireplace
Body grows cold, I’m not there to cuddle
Crying wind echo’s a lost love

Spring freshens up nature
Flowers are at their prime
Efflorescence buds pop open like umbrellas on a rainy day
Birds whistle a romantic love song

Darkness seeks the night
Brilliant colors wither to black
Pregnant moon spills relucent light
Remnants of me won't let you sleep,
that's when you remember the best is in the past

KATHY SILLIS is a identical twin.  She lives in Harrisville Mississippi.  Kathy is an author of three children's books and a cookbook.  She has a passion for writing and cooking.  Kathy dreams of owning her on bakery or food truck. Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventure, Amazon


  1. Hello Sweet kathy, you are outstanding.. I am so in love with your poetry and your and your children's book.. many blessings..

  2. Thank you so much for show casing my work!