Thursday, December 1, 2016


Juanita Garcia Vera


The Mourning Doves have nested
In places of my Soul
Their claws are steady scratching
The lining of my eyes
To bleed a stream
Of sadness that settled
Long ago
The light of Thee
A beacon
In clouded fog, I see
While darkness settled
To block my eyes
From view

© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2016


Water couldn’t hurt
But, it does
Tears are precious water
The sea and ocean filled
Powerful waves
Taking me under
And when I’m gone
A sea of salt
Will rest in me
Preserving the memories
In congealed heart
Broken pieces
That seep life slowly
Into the warming sand
Basking in the Sun
I am with Thee
YOU are the salt, the sea
The tears of clouds
That let me see
In Thee,
I rest my worries,
My sorrows,
All my tomorrows
My dreams, my love
In Thy word
I rest an eternity

© Juanita Garcia Vera
All Rights Reserved JGV 2015


Everything I needed was given
When I was just a child
To say grace at the table
When times were cold and lean
To wash my face
And hands
To open wide my eyes
To see the little things
That most will never see
To rid myself of dirt
That settled deep inside
To greet folks as I met them
And smile with open hand
To give a drink of water
Or bite of broken bread
To lend a hand when needed
To listen to God's plan
And always work to gather
My loved ones close at heart
We never had much money,
Fine clothes nor shiny things
But everything, I needed,
Indeed, I did receive
The things I got were treasures
That gold could not compete
And all the shiny things
Were fluff and nothing more
Replacing them was  easy
But, treasures never more

All Rights Reserved JGV 2015

JUANITA   GARCIA  VERA was born in Petronila, Texas, a small farming community in South Texas. In 1960 her mother died leaving an eleven year old Juanita to help raise six siblings. It was during these formative years that ignited a need to care for the sick.  One summer proved pivotal when all her siblings became ill with the Chicken Pox and Measles.  Her younger brother also contracted Meningitis. He was hospitalized for three months and almost lost his life.  It was during this difficult time that she decided to become a nurse. After graduating from high school, she went to nursing school where she received a License for Vocational Nursing. While working full time, she raised four children and earned a Registered Nursing Degree. She continued working as a staff R.N. in a community hospital in Houston, Texas .  She has been a nurse for over forty years and is now retired since 2015.. Nursing is a calling she holds dear to her heart.  Her passion is writing. She began writing as a child but, after the murder of her son  Abel , her writing style became grounded on Spiritual awareness and Faith.  She credits her husband and children’s support for saving her life.   She is a member of Parents of Murdered Children and writes poetry for the monthly newsletter. Her poems have been published in three  anthologies: Evidence of Autumn, Verses from the Heart, and The Waterfall.

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