Thursday, December 1, 2016




When America finally dies, all my descendants will rejoice in great Glory...
For they will be part of a future that is filled with multi-colored honor, respect, and intellect, as their story.
Aztec Navajo couplet

So you can't bring happiness to the sweet face of your wife...
So you want to go and count money...
thinking it will save you from these demons in your life.
Aztec Navajo couplet

The sun gives you a blessed Harvest, every day, with its light....
Then you give thanks to a fake God with all your energy, and spend the rest of your life believing you're right.
Aztec Navajo proverb

Let us hope that our Destinies, combined, would be good for all......
Lest we find ourselves degraded, with hateful intent, and watch our civilization fall.
Aztec Navajo proverb

Death is the cold and lingering mistress....
she waits for you in the distance, Within.... where it's dark.
She brings with her finality, in her kisses...
She takes from you, your existence and stops the precious beating of your heart.
Aztec Navajo proverb

A dark devil like you...
has wings of an angel...
that will always be true.
And though there are many stars and Suns, and only one light..It is the black hole at the center that keeps them together and right.
Aztec Navajo couplet

OZY LICANO is a Published Author
From Colorado USA..

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  1. Hi Ozy your poetry is wonderful with so much meaning.. it stirs the ehart.. so good to see you here on Our Poetry Archive