Thursday, December 1, 2016




The euphony in the breeze
reminds me of what used to be.

Murmurous whisper is a constant emotion,
a cantabile sound of
yesterdays goodbyes.

My breath blows against
the celestial horizon
where tears cascade against
the somberness of my
broken heart.

An exuberance of memories
evanesce in my mind,
and plays pianissimo notes
upon lovelorn lips
that once knew the taste of you,
but now knows the sound of
yesterdays goodbyes.

I commemorate your face
in every waking day,
yearning to feel your amicableness.
My body is pensive,
and cries atrocious sound of
yesterdays goodbyes.
Karen SILLS @ 2016


Bumpy clay lays on a table
No lustrous colour appears
Somberness is its personality
Shapeless contour is featureless

Warm hands secure to lifeless form
Assusive voice calms its fear,
"I am the potter and you are the clay."
Creativity begins to mold

Eyes azure blue glisten
Ashen complexion fades
Porcelain skin radiant and new
Shines on a newly formed face
Tender hands softly stroke his creation
Tranquil voice repeats,
"I am the potter and you are the clay."

Clay begins to turn humanlike
A heart beats in a translucent chest
Fragile blood course through veins
Physical structure stares at her reflection
Light illuminates a soothing glow
A serene voice whispers,
"I am the potter and you are the clay."

An individual stands in reverence
As she stares at her maker
Then, in a prudent voice she says,
"You are the potter and I was the clay."
Karen Sills @ 2016


Tell me father,
of my splendor you so carefully molded.
Let me hear your knowledge and wisdom,
giving me assurance that you're not done with me.
Breathe on me blessings of peace.

Tell me father,
that my face is blossoming into something sweet and tender.
My laughter is like billows of music filling your ears.
bestow  upon me your comfort when I am weak and weary.
Inspire me to always look to you for guidance.

tell me father,
of your immortal love, that it last forever,
and my love for you brightly beams.
Let your voice be  an never ending whisper in my ear,
filling me with your precious strength.

Tell me father,
that we are like eagle wings,
soaring high above the earth.
Help me leave a trail of your friendship where ever I go,
filling people's path with your glorious glow.

Tell me father,
life's swiftly passing years have been to your liking.
Even though I've had some dark hours
your mercy is new each day.
How excellent is your loving kindness!

Tell me father,
once again about heaven and the streets of gold,
and the crown you're keeping safe for me until my time comes.
Wash me in your abundance of love.
Keep me safe for all eternity.


KAREN SILLS loves to write and cook.  She has written three children's books with her twin sister, Kathy. Karen works with kids, but would love to be a stay at home writer. She would also love to own her own bakery. Wiggle Worm's Shape Adventure, Amazon


  1. Karen you are such a joy to read and know. Many blessings to you my sweet friend..

  2. This is awesome! Thank for including me!