Thursday, December 1, 2016




Biddable river shines bright in the Autumn
Dance with me under the river rock cliffs
Voluptuous evergreen lips kiss the sky
Come to the river
Swim through your mind
Grape vines entwine, hiding footprints behind us
Time cannot find this oasis
Tedious urgency does not exist
Prisms refract where the river falls spray
Wade in the wonder
Bathe and create


Sometimes we turn from the fire so quickly we stumble and fall in the flames and are burned
And sometimes we medicate painful mistakes with elixirs of poison or promises made
We watch as the children grow taller and stronger and cover our eyes when they break down the door
We are of thunder and rainbows, and cyclones, and northeastern winds without warning or form
We are of time and celestial planets, and volatile poisons and critical mass
We explain meaning without understanding- our senses perceive only what we believe
Humanity, fling backs the sheet from the mirror--
Focus your sight and define what you see
Quiet your mind and acknowledge your senses
Cry for humanity, tend to the bleed


Gold turns to blackness like fossil rock veins- meanings ingrained and embedded
Sadness strikes suddenly, point piercing through, wickedly splitting existence in two
Shaking from force of the violent blow- the meaning burns inward and down to the bone
The sound lasts for only one second of time, but the echo will last for an entire life

JO DOWLINGARKANSAS USA Jo spent her early childhood in China (her birthplace), Korea, and Baghdad.  Began college at the University of Arkansas when she was 17, served in the US Marine Corps, Intelligence Division, and spent her career as a Registered and Certified Psychiatric Nurse in Little Rock, Arkansas.  She retired early and returned to her hometown, Foreman, Arkansas, where she writes and care for abandoned and abused animals.Jo Is an Author of three books, one anthology. You can find her and Amazon Flight of Ideas AND Welcome to the Feast was published by Watermark and is available at Amazon.


  1. wow Jo... Your poetry is flawless .. Bravo girlfriend... so glad you joined us here at Archive

  2. Versatile, sublime, her words will "surprise" you and shake you out of your skin and make you think and feel!!! That's what I love about this author's style ..... she goes for shock value and impact and she does it with flair. She's one to study. And I do.

  3. Jo is one of the most wonderful poets out there she is a great writer and i love greatly her work. I am honored to be her friend keep up the great work Jo

  4. No, nice one. We will start talking about you and your works in Nigeria, Africa.