Thursday, December 1, 2016



Let me taste thy golden nectar in the source of life itself.
Let me slowly sip and savor life as honeysuckle wine.
Let my flesh and soul unite in joyful streaming light and expand in deepest cognitive vision that
I might bare dulcet fruit from humbled lifted heart.
Let me fly ever so high as a soul bird that flutters in enlightened reflection.....
for nothing really happens without thought first as creative cause.
Let forgiveness be my burning bush that I may stand on sacred ground as wisdom guides my spirit immersed in love's eternal strength.
And so
it is.

Max S Eidex @ 2016


Today I want to tell everyone I love you.
Today I want to give you a great big hug.
Today I am blowing you a kiss.Today it's all of you I miss.Today I am thinking of all of you~

I want to swing with the monkeys and dance with the bears...
Howl with the wolves and prance with the mares.
I want to play with the elephants till the cows come home...
And give all the puppy dogs a great big bone~

Today I want to say everybody I love you.
Today I want to give you a great big hug.
Today I am blowing you a kiss.
Today it's all of you I miss.
Today I'm thinking of all of you~

I want to sing with the birds and hop with a bunny
And tell Aunt Dibbah she is such a honey.
I want to frolic with the kittens and say meow...
And say to Susan Stumph wow wow wow~

Today I want to say everybody I love you.
Today I want to send you a great big hug.
Today I am blowing you a kiss.
Today it's all of you I miss.
I am so happy.
Silly song written on the ukulele by~

Max S Eidex@ 2016

To my son,
He is a far better writer than me.

What a gift you possess.
Flying through the dream sequence of the metaphysical realm...
Like a falcon eyeing his prey true to the cause of imagery.
Channeling every spirit through your soul competing with time for your pen while holding on to that which is dear within.
Darkness is light,
Weakness is might in this conflicted yet unified existence you call home.
Dreams come easy battling the enemies you conjure...
Seeing the enemies you conquer in the realization of that which you are.
In comfort you perspire through your creative pores....wiping the sweat from your brow in the story you paint in your mind...
Knowing cruelty from kind while deep in your mind realizing that both dwell within every man~

You are the falcon....
A bird of prey....
Flying high and discovering your way~

@ 2016


Author, Poet and Song Writer Max Sid Eidex Is originally from Birmingham Alabama, now resides in South Carolina. Lover of Wolfs and all Animals, has work at the relief farms for wolfs to Save The Wolf from Extinction.


  1. HI Max You have always been my favortie poet ever!!! I love reading your poetry and I love your songs..

  2. What can I tell you about Max? He holds NOTHING back. He speaks his mind and I love that about him. He's passionate and he's hilarious, sometimes in the SAME poem. You never know what you are going to get or what's going to come out of Max's pen so don't stay glued to your seat because you may have to get up and laugh profusely or pound your fist if the cause he's writing about hits a nerve with you too. I'm proud to say that I co-wrote a book called WOLF SONGS with this Poet. I'm also proud to announce that he's fondly nicknamed THE ONE-FINGER-WONDER SATIRIC POET because he told us a while back he doesn't own a computer and he types his poetry with one finger on his cell phone. That's just one of the remarkable things about Max Eidex that you will discover outside of his poetry.

  3. Max is a wonderful gifted great poet he is funny and he has a serious side, he loves nature and wolves and animals. He is one of the best poet friends i have in this literary world.