Wednesday, February 1, 2017



It jumps in to unfair conclusions,

It gives way to uncanny temptations,

It is always in a state of vacillation,

Causing always unending commotions.

Running wild it makes endless chatter,

Annoying people and make them scatter,

Even on flimsy grounds it gets torn and tatter,

Not just ordinary it is a grave matter

Like a monkey it is in constant motion,

Giving my life unwanted tension,

It always earns me reprehension,

It always smells fear and apprehension.

I have to tame it and put it in a cage,

I need liberation from its rage,

Before it run amok and cause much rampage,

Need to control it at every stage,

I can't allow the monkey mind to rule me,

I won't listen to its screech and plea,

From its shackles, I have to set myself free,

I will chain the monkey and have the key.

© K.Radhakrishnan


I would be happy to get molten in a furnace hot

And get molded and wrought,

To be made a bangle to decorate your delicate wrist,

And caress your tender hands in my tryst.

From your fragrant hand I would get fragrant,

And roam around your hands like a vagrant,

In my passion I would get vibrant,

And always be tinkling and never silent

As you nestle your head on the pillow of your hand at night,

I would whisper my vows of love in your ears with delight,

I would pay homage to your beautiful face,

Getting inebriated by its divine grace.

I will be the voice of your silent lips,

And twirl at the touch of your finger tips,

Even if you remove me and put me in a box,

I would wait for you looking at the clocks

© K.Radhakrishnan


One glance thrown from your ocean like eyes,

One heart has gone insane emitting sighs,

My heart called out your name in every beat,

Can I call this perception love sweet?

This perception I call love, do you feel it too,

The whisper of your sigh, tells me it's true,

The sparkle of your eyes are the testimony,

That can't be dismissed as merely phoney.

In the garden of life, I see your love as a fragile flower,

I see you as a sparkling diamond in life's gloomy hours,

I hear your love in the sweet nothings whispered in ear,

I smell your love in the flower that tucked in your hair.

Though love may sometimes taste like a lemon so sour,

Love comes in wide variety of tastes and flavors,

Sometimes I see the color green in sheer jealousy,

But your love has rocked me with great intensity.

In this perception of love, I feel heavenly bliss,

No feelings can be as divinely as this,

Tie of connections and seal of affections,

They are the off springs of this sweet perception

Without perception life will be drab lacking sensation,

Perception is the result of passion filled heart's dictation,

It is through perception love emerges in heart even without lover,

Perception really matters as it adds to life rainbow colors


K.RADHAKRISHNAN Retd. Senior Manager,The NewIndia Assurance co ltd Bhopal. M.P. India