Monday, May 1, 2017




Some beings come as glides
Offering magical though momentary rides

Gladden gradually you to glow
Sparkling blush for all to show

An immensely elated leap
Helping us- an assured joy to keep

No time stops, all pauses run away
Just merry walk on a way too gay

Such people pour pleasure purely plenty
Hidden happiness hour harks honestly


With the mere movement of lips
When heart can comprehend
Mind can masterly read
You and your every unexchanged thought-
About to be out of mouth yet not said
That is rare and unique wave length
One heart marvels at another
Very naturally asks the former to the latter
How can you know me, that too so well?
How astonishing it really is to make out
What one’s heart is seeking for?
Indeed an extraordinary heart and mastermind
Can be called unbelievably understandable


Flavours are flaunting to and fro
Testers losing brilliant taste
Where is that sumptuous dish
To be sensually relished by
Classics as well Romantics
Let this poetry get
A privileged place at
The most prestigious coffee tables of
Sophisticated book lovers
And be everlasting fruit fudge
On the lavish literary menu booklet
To match and meet
Choices of contemporary and old

Freshly fruit filled poetry must have
Banana’s evergreen annually available appeal
Apple’s appetizing attitude to ace all
Cherry’s cheeriness to cheer one and all
Watermelon’s water to wash worries
Grape’s effortlessness – just pick and go for it
Papaya’s anti diabetic relief cure
Mango’s tempting miracle, luring young and old
Last but surely not the least
Pineapple’s succulence for
Both the sweet and the sour
Along with the taste buds of fellow fruits

May this poetry be the most
Irresistible item to inquire about ever!


NEETU VAID SHARMA is an educationist and is from Jalandhar City, India. Assistant Professor in English Literature for a decade, she has invested her immediate interest in writing.  Being a passionate poet, she endeavours to reflect her intimate emotions through her ink. Her poems chiefly voice never dying love, basic instincts and storm of emotions. occurring unpredictably in the journey of life. She has penned ninety poems to her credit. Though had she tried her hand in short story writing and handful of essays, her crowning taste lies in poetry genre only.

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