Monday, May 1, 2017




Dreamy thoughts of yours, I see as I breathe
Smiling shiny face, hooks me in thoughts, too deep.
Carefree little girl took away a piece from me
The tears from my cheeks, disappeared and in fleet

Her tiny little limbs rest on me, as she babbles
She would jump and laugh and cry and then smatter
Her cute yawns, is such a pleasure to my eyes
She'd sleep in my arms with her mouth opened wide
The noises, the cries. A little less sleep every night
No complaints at all, for we're making her smile.

Wings made up of cardboard.
And the skirt of the color white
With that smile, the girl looked an angel
Beneath those lights so bright.⁠⁠⁠⁠

(Description: - A young playful kid, rushes to a tattoo parlour. With dreams of getting a tattoo. His anticipations to get famous. His urge to look a little more beautiful, all of that dream got hit by a whirl. When the tattoo artist came up with a few questions for him.Kid's desire now suddenly began to seem questionable. His dreams vanished in thin air, When the artist uttered slowly 'Should i begin?')


Would you paint yourself for life?
And let shoal tattoos define you
or, would you strive at something new.
Appreciate the change and move

The colours inside you mustn't hide
The vibrant tint may cross your mind
With black memories you'd have had
Kid, ready enough to paint yourself for life?

Have you tried all the ways?
Is this what you need to stand out
Tried painting your mind?
I bet it'd somehow work out!

Would you later, hide my work?
Will you regret this
At a temple or a church
Is my talent, worth on your skin
Should I really begin?


I put up a smile
And hold down my shivers
I stood awake all night
Rapaciously unfolding answers

The war between me and my fate
Seems to go on endlessly
The struggle, stole my sleep

My friends, interests all gone
I look tall, and you say I've good eyes
But I guess, I'm alive only skin deep

My dreams all shrunken
In to this moment, of me writing
Hoping that you would know me well
Or maybe my pain, coz I am not lying

I never hated anyone
Never did i crave for love
Just questioned the almighty
Don't I deserve
Who would say it aloud to
That I made her day, and she wants to stay
With me, no matter what the people say
Whether the earth sees
thundering stormy, or a gloomy night
Or a skin burning, suffocating busy day
Will she stay?

But the clock is ticking
With every breath
And with that we're meeting new people
And the feeling, the chemicals brewing
Once again, this time for a different face?
Isn't time the same for everyone?
Then why do some change like you do
And people like me, with unaltered feelings
Fail to change

SHASHI SING : Is a 21 year old student from India, who’s currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science and engineering. He’s an avid reader and writer. He has been writing poems for 10 years now. English is his second language. His mother tongue is Hindi. He has been published in various anthologies by blurb publications. He has also been nominated for ‘Inspiring Young Talent’ award by Literary Society of London. Apart from Studies and language, shashi loves playing piano. He is pianist in his college’s band. And work on his self composed songs in leisure. He lives in Bhubaneshwar, India.

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