Monday, May 1, 2017




Love seeds a family tree
Passionately sown
In endearing warm damp earth
The earth opens itself to receive
To become mother earth to mother.

The seed opens itself
In emergent embryonic presence
To show as a tiny velvet leaves plant.

Loving hands nurture it to let the plant grow
Upward to branch out into leaves and flowers.
As the plant grows upward,
Its roots go deep and deeper within
Deeper its roots go and spread to hold
Taller and it grows and spreads around
To be a family tree,
Strong and sturdy against winds and storms.
In the strong hold of Mother Earth
Extending its arms to sky.

Saved from severe storms and worms
So that nobody do harm
The tree of family in Love flowers to seed again
Again to be seeded to plant in earth
To plant new plants to be tree


Whenever light tumbled
The day limped and sulked
Sunshine looked pale and ash grey
Before slipping and fading out as shadow.

A glimmer appeared from behind
Fighting darkness and shadows
Descending in front with sudden shattering sound
As shield to hold back the devouring darkness.
Birds made shrieking voices and fluttered with awe
And flew away taking their shadows along with

Suddenly I felt myself soaring high
With wings of eternal soul
Keeping my ethereal eternity exalted
Bristling with star-woven stance

Intense thrill fanatically followed
And did not let excitement dwindle away
That did rise and fall like ripples in the sea.
Lucidity was long past the insanity
Awareness long past the uncertainty
Razor of intellect dissected to determine
Every existence became as clear as day-light

Yes, it was a long fight to come out
From nightmare world that entwined
To come out of the darkening cycles
To reconstruct from shreds to wholesome
Tearing away hurdles of the dark
To give clear way to sunshine for throbbing change

That changed everything that exists
Palpitating trembling delight defied the dark
Transforming globe as a sunny bright ball


Our past is like a book
The wind of our time,
Is turning its pages
And reading it word by word
Laughing words,
Weeping words
Words like different flowers
Words like pale yellow leaves
Words like glistening dew drops
Words like raining tear drops
Words clinging together or breaking away
Words dancing on floors
Words dancing with fingers of keyboards
Words crying behind walls of pages
Words are life like existence.

Sometimes, words burning like fires
Begin to torch away every word in lines.
Begin to set afire the book of our life
Breathless we run here and there
To see all this horrible happen
To see the tearing teeth gnawing.

We begin to put off the fires
Caring not to burn our extinguishing hands.

Words are again joining heads
To show their existence and effect.
To write what we write in present
To write new pages of history of the change.

MOHINDERDEEP GREWAL is a prominent poet who has been writing poetry and ghazals in lyrics. for the last 4 decades.  He served as Lecturer in English in Punjab state of India.  With masters in English and Punjabi, he had gained knowledge from classical to modern poetry. He is one of those who brought modernity in nch humanistic exploitation and other social evils prevalent in society. He is staunch humanistic in his activities as social activist and as a poet. He is against wars and terror of any kind and has written to promote love ,peace and oneness in the world. He has organized many literary and cultural events . He is associated to many literary organizations like Punjabi Sahit Academy, Kedari Punjabi Lekhak Sabha and others as Patron, President, General Secretary and other executive member. He is chairperson of World Association Of English Poetry. His six books in Punjabi Ghazal and poetry and one in English has been published. He has written many papers and reviews on books of many writers. he has been honored by many poetic and social organizations. After retirement , he migration to be with his family in U S A and Canada, he was associated with organizations there and attended many events ; national and international. He has promoted many writers in Punjabi and English poetry through his organizations. He is active in human rights and peace associations working to have social justice, love,peace and brotherhood.

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