Monday, May 1, 2017




The road as long as my cursed life,
Strewn with stones, thorns and dust like life's bitter strife,
Would I find unselfish love and trust?
Or left to my fate are only tears , hate and lust?

Yet, I will take that untrodden road,
Knowing where lots of raw blood flowed,
May be I will find a companion to lighten my load,
There I go heading towards life's next episode.

I stumbled on my path many times,
Heard my heart's melancholy chimes,
But my indomitable soul chose to sing revolting rhymes,
I trod along the blood stained lands with full of crimes.

Tears in my eyes blur my sight,
Drifting along the lonesome road in the weary night,
But life too is like a long road, and we have to put up fight,
Hoping God will guard the one who is bold and right.

On this empty road with the shadow of my own,
Heading towards destination that is unknown,
But I journey on down the old untrodden road,
Hoping someday I will find beautiful abode.
© K.Radhakrishnan


We share an unbreakable sacred bond,
In this lifetime and may even stretch beyond,
Such is our love, to her I always belong,
She is so kind to forgive all my wrong.

She is my mother and I am her boy,
In her embrace, I feel so much joy,
Forever and ever, I will admire her poise,
There is melody in her every noise.

When I bond with mother nature,
I get this  feeling as if I embrace the Creator,
Mother Nature is great inventor and innovator,
She gives to all humans, her sons, always in a measure gteater.

She is my life, and from her I draw inspiration,
Her air gives me oxygen to cool off my perspiration,
I stand in awe and sigh as I breath out my exasperation,
Am I doing much towards Nature's conservation?

Nature's music is so closer to my heart,
It commands our life in every part,
Innumerable treasures lie in Nature's arcade,
For her sons, Mother Nature has made.

The seeds of truth, love and light are scattered in her soil,
Her rivers are like our life, flowing sweat of our toil,
Her mountains are mark of immense hope in the face of turmoil,
Her flowers are the smears of smiles, precious one wrapped in gold foil

What a marvelous beauty, we have obtained for free,
Fragrant flowers and buzzing of bees,
Thundering waterfalls and a calm sea,
Bonding with Nature always brings glee.
© K.Radhakrishnan


Groping in the dark spaces of uncertain times,
Finding no reason to my rhymes,
Perhaps I will find the things that I long so much,
Perhaps it is here, within my sight and touch.

Perhaps there is so much love deep buried in the hateful heart,
Perhaps, searching souls and healing hearts, may be my optimistic thought,
A beam of faith shining bright behind the darkest drape,
Perhaps I am seeking from reality a moment of escape.

Swallowed in the sea of empty hopes and despair,
A shattered soul wants the world to do some repair,
Perhaps peace will burn bright forever,
Perhaps we all live in harmony and hate never.

Hand in hand together all nations and races,
Perhaps, we all can make the world a better place,
Perhaps, there are no Christian, Hindu or Islamic states,
Perhaps, we use only loving words to communicate.

Senseless violence in the name  of revolution,
Perhaps, may give way to love and compassion,
Perhaps, we can make this world a heaven,
For a blissful journey for which this life was given.

© K.Radhakrishnan

WHAT IF...........

With my mind mired in the thoughts of WHAT IFS and IF ONLYS,
I always shoot in the dark and miss out the target mostly,
I let “WHAT IF” to consume my all thoughts,
WHAT WILL BE? Or WHAT WON'T BE?, I find myself in knots.

“WHAT IF I SCREW UP THINGS”, I am scared of this possibility,
WHAT IF all the labor put in is wasted and results in futility?
WHAT IF I had to face all hostility despite my humility,
WHAT IF in the process of worrying, I lose my mental stability?

The phrase “WHAT IF” races through my mind every single day,
Thoughts of the roles what my cursed fate can play,
In this world full of wishes and stitches,
WHAT IF my action misfired and results in to glitches?

WHAT IF I put my thoughts in papers,
WHAT IF I put them on wrappers,
WHAT IF my world comes crashing down?
These WHAT IFS make me always frown.

WHAT IFS eat through my unborn dreams,
Fears of embittered heart, so it seems,
WHAT IF....the question looms large,
Leaving me to perish as it takes charge.
© K.Radhakrishnan


Poet K.RADHAKRISHNAN is from India and his nationality is Indian. He lives in Bhopal city in the central part of India. His mother tongue is Tamil and he writes in English.

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