Monday, May 1, 2017



In the silverly moonlight,
I was walking meaninglessly!
Misguided footsteps of mine that have
No proper control of brain
Without any direction
My feet are only walking n walking!
With my crying soul that has
Wrapped the darkness of night!
O! My wounded heart
With numerous wounds
That are painful enough whenever
The cool breeze from snowy mountains blows
And increase it's intensity!!
Why we love!
Tell me!
Why our heart hypnotized by someone's magnetic face!
That is Beautiful but cruel enough!!
To make you completely paralysed!!
You can't ignore such betrayal!
Can't fly from its spell!
This moony night always mocks over my silly mistakes!!
But I console myself by saying,
That weak are those who deceives you
But strong are those who really love n support you!!
Varsha Saran@copyright


O Love!
Your fragrance is everywhere
Fumes of its trust is spread in each n every corner of our hearts
Its sandal aroma of spirituality is enough for peace of mind
It flows down continuously as river Ganga,
That never  putrescible
imperishable n immortal
Whenever I hide in your strong arms
A self-confidence
Makes me feel  more powerful
We are both incomplete without each other!
So let us drown in the deep ocean of love
And find our identity in each other
This is love!!
My Love!
Varsha Saran@copyright


Now  words are silent
No turbulence at all
Only palicidity
Peaceful feelings are like tranquility of waves
Waves of my oceanic thoughts
No use of selfish fights
When we know about this
Momentary life!!
No grudges
No chaos
I look at the contentment of these whitecaps
After struggling a lot to touch this moon
How much patience they contain!
The Tsunami of thoughts
Will be constant and become peaceful
One day!!!
So I keep my calm
And go to the shelter of my divine!!
Varsha Saran@copyright


Our body is an eerie forest of ego
Lesser knowledge
More n more ego
Knowledge is not always bookish
It comes from your heart
The way you understand and analyse
And face basic problems of life,
Soft and humble attitude makes you a fresh flowing river,
Having too much superiority can chock your mind and soul....
Look at this nature!
How egolessly, This Sun gives us warmth n energy to survive!
How patiently this Earth is bearing entire weight!
And these trees , are giving us fruits without any desire n without any proud!
This three letter word can kill all the relationships
And will leave you lonely
In a deserted island of hatred!!


My name is Varsha Saran. I am 42 yrs old housewife.  I did my Masters from Ch Charan Sing University. I am a Bilingual poetess. I write in Hindi and English languages.My many Anthologies have been published. Poetry is my passion Country origin:         India Mother tongue: Hindi. Nationality: Indian from Meerut U.P India. 250005.

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