Monday, May 1, 2017




Ship of Theseus, was
It remained unchangeable
All components restored Plutarch?
Paradox a theory of hypothesis
Thought of through consequences
May not or may possible be
Performed Schoodinger's cat
Stated thing same with itself
And different from another; antiquity

Existence of life has
A cause to begin with;
Why there is something
Rather nothing?
A cosmological argument
Seeks answer infer no fact
Real without a sufficient reason
To take the very simple facts
All sciences invokes a concern
For some full, complete, ultimate or
Best explanation of what exists!

Sight, is the best cause
To see an illusion
Wide open constantly
When your fancy is
Out of focus
Looking at one’s self
Through the eyes of others
Is a double consciousness
Meaningless if having no eyes
Trust more than ears
Close not easy to memories
Reflected on mirror
That left me not just
That left me but
I cried tears of blood
Eyes my; went with it

Blind a blessed I see brutally
Beauty in all exists whole
Naked not in mother see
Her beauty nowhere fair
Eve; may not be perfect
Look at her with lust
But she becomes perfectly right
A mother in life my
Sight so perfect a blind
Thoughts how sacred see no similes
Yet I let to less
My blindness a lust

Mortal lying unbeing mortuary in
Two sightless gaze roof on
Eyes from hole, he a burial soul
Transmigrated whole his nature
Same old ship of Theseus
His sight is mine sign on
Peep into bath or bed on
Porn all sites where mothers
Dancing tune a serpent
Shameless thread that black on waste
A witness, woven threads
Her breast a brazen meat
Invites sons to swallow venom
She pore and be blinded, a paradox!

©®Vijay P Nair


Hi’story is a fiction false
Wolf clothing in Sheep’s
Run against the clock
Closet in truth that coffin
Wonder longer not nine that trumpet
Everywhere all tricks of trade
An old dog not to be taught
A new Shakespeare chance upon
Has greatness that Hamlet thrust upon
Water no hold, a waterloo
Hearing you not that whistle blow?
Wicked flee not if
Man pursuits it in soul

Bacon a foster soul
Blessed in disguise Shakespeare
Some six fold six plays 
All sonnets a legacy
Art lies in concealing art, irony
What Ovid foreseen
An answer, no Shakespeare is enigma
Hamlet in heavenly procrastination

Claudius not upon him avenge
Annoyed that man delighted not him
Truth untold a broken heart hubris
His honest a hideous mirror debris
Word play in he a Pete Sampras
What a piece of work a man!
Philosophy, brother double a mankind
Dubbed verses of Denmark Prince
Defenceless was he a pseudo Christ

Ethos his passivism embodied inaction
Pagan he an Achilles no Don Quixote
Out of joint time was his revenge
With wings as not with swift as meditation
Daggers at her
Cost a terrible dapper
Malleable Mom she frailty not
With rotten son adultery not
His mother fixation a failed Psycho fancy 
©®Vijay P Nair


Barking dogs all friends not
My bitten flesh his poisoned teeth
Iago my plague everywhere
France first massacred St. Bartholomew
Statecraft of duplicity scheming dark
Machiavillian my Italian downfall a fool
Othello slew Desdemona, naive my genius
Unallowed conscience fo’r mach four test

Tongue his, a boneless strong
To break enough a heart
Lawyer he of mistakes own
Jehovah he, other mistakes judge
Hates, spending clock
Wise your, correct him
Unless, learn to face own
Shadow see in others

Smile a fake my, sees no
Behind that pain, he no Angel
Lift me trouble wings in my feet
Loves you the condition is, when
Loves unconditionally, right for him
Cares you, not alone you;
When alone he

Notice, you what notice is
Mirror laughs at cry my never,
Is best friend, sing it back
Forgotten tune of verse
Memories deleted bad in prison
Enjoying my own company
Empowered freedom, a solitude
Happy is the best revenge
Drives Iago insane
Seeing when smiling face
He an embitter
Motionless earth is mine
Hate not my pardon
Hasten him in change
Tense my past in future

Dreams unexpired unto the dawn
Dies if don't rise, fall everything
Deep stand something up
Unchangeable outcomes end up
In being redirected
To something better
Helping me grow far
Beyond my wildest dreams
Vijay P Nair

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