Monday, May 1, 2017




O' my sweet Home!
My lovely Home!
Leaving me alone
where have you gone?
Now in this home away from home
feeling lonely without dad and mom!
No mom to carve a loving warm kiss,
No dad to shower blissful blessings,
No granny to sing lovely lullabies,
No grandpa to tell bedtime stories.
My life is full of No No my Home!
So lonely I'm in this crowded home
with so many children but no one is mine!
This home is a home without warmth,
with no mirth.
A cattle in a herd I'm,
A puppet in a show,
A shriveled up seed
with no power to breathe and grow!
No sunshine and cool shower
but only the scorching heat of the caretaker!
I'm a rootless weed.
There is no one to feel my needs.
Untidy hair, skin not anointed,
stunted growth with discarded clothes
pot bellied with bamboo legs
pale face with hollowed eyes,
sunken cheeks with parched lips.
With hungry eyes and aching stomach
I'm scared of myself as a living scare-crow.
People come in shining cars
to have a child on their lap.
I wait for them with a hope
but I hear them say,
" We want a lovely boy
and not this girl."
My hope disappears
like the dew on the grass.
O' my sweet Home! My lovely Home!
Why don't you come back soon?
O' my God ! Please give me answer
Is it so bad to be born as a girl?
What's my fault to be a girl?
To feel my feelings why do people fail?
Why do we go for the destructive war?
Why do we like bloodshed and horror?
Why do children like me suffer?
Why are there so many religions?
If we all are your loving children
Why do we fight without any reason?
Why do we mercilessly stand and stare?
Why don't we love and care?
Why are people rich and poor?
Why do some prosper where as some suffer?
Why on some fortune lashes?
Why to some fortune blesses?
If love is the best language to use
why do we need so many languages?
Why do men have insatiable needs?
Why do we torture one another
if we all are brothers and sisters?
Why do flora and fauna bitterly cry?
And to save them we hardly try.
Why can't we settle differences amicably?
Why can't we live peacefully?
So many why why revolves in my mind.
Please resolve them , You are so kind!
O' my God! Please give me back my sweet home!
Please give me back my dad and mom!
*(c)Namita Rani Panda


I cherish a world full of cheer
with no bloodshed and gore,
no horror of war,
no explosion and murder.

I cherish a world without fear,
full of peace and love for others
where we can live like brothers and sisters
with deep harmony with loving mother Nature.

Let's not sprint like the hands of a clock
that incessantly tick with no break
moving round and round so unconcerned and  time bound!
Even when they strike noon they are together for a second
but so self centred  that they move on soon .
Though on the same space they are strangers forlorn!

Let's move together hand in hand
like the cattle in the barn  to move round and round ,
the pole  being humanity,
to thrash peace, love,  understanding
and sympathy from all negativity
to fully enjoy life's divine beauty!

Let's be spokes of the wheels of our nation
united by the fulcrum of love and be in motion in unison
towards peace, happiness and sunshine!
Let’s be one constellation to dispel darkness!
Let ‘s be  one flower to spread Love’s fragrance!

Let's be in motion and  move on and on
till we achieve our worthwhile ambition!
Come on fast to build one home
where all have a little space for peaceful living
and a little fresh air for quiet breathing  and  a ray of sunshine,
with no discrimination, segregation or exploitation,
with humanity as one religion
where everyone  will have one ambition
to live in peace in unison!
It's the need of the hour,
introspect dear!
*(c)Namita Rani Panda


The Cuckoo heralds with his euphoric song,
“ From the womb of Winter a Princess is born.
There will be a month long celebration .
Get ready to give her a regal ovation.”
Everyone in ecstacy embellishes in exquisite shape and shade.
Earth adorns herself with lush green guise and flowers of varied hues.
Breeze sprays perfume all over him so fragrant and refreshing.
Birds chirrup cheerfully flapping their glamorous wings.
Delightful Daffodils tossing their heads spritely dance.
Dainty Daisy, merry Marigold, lovely Lily, radiant Rose,
happy Hyacinth, follow the bobbing Butterflies and humming Bees.
Brooks in blue leap and crash in laughter.
Sun in gold, Stars in dazzling diamonds and Moon in silver,
all in nature further the beautiful creation
with new hope and rejuvenation
Baby birds with opening beaks chatter for their mom.
“ Goddess Aphrodite herself has descended
to bless Nature with love , beauty, fertility
and also desire, prosperity and creativity.
Long live Spring !” bless all to lovely Spring.


Mrs NAMITA RANI PANDA was born on 10th Jannuary 1965 in Sambalpur district of Odisha, India.She works as a Post Graduate Teacher in English in Navodaya Vidyalaya, Khordha, Odisha, India of Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti under the Ministry of HRD, Deptt. of School Education and Literacy, Govt. of India , New Delhi. She has been in this teaching profession since 1988.Her educational qualification is M.Phil(English} M.Ed.Apart from stories she keeps interest in composing poems and painting.

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