Monday, May 1, 2017




Heaven divided
Indifferent decayed souls
False in virtue
that -
My ink leaves sinking hearts
Awaiting pain
A broken promise
You cannot complete
That haunt your soul.

Not any words for the pain
In my heart and in my soul
Too much to bear
Too fragile to handle
Just like our story
Never started with -
" Once upon a time ..."

Just like a faded dream
That never been told
Will remain an unspoken secret
Hidden deep in the sea.
Copyright reserved 21February 2017
Lourdes Ong


 Play me a song
 A guitar with no string.

 Write me a poem that binds
 Words I could form.

 Give me strength to get my
 Hits me had with fate...

 A cup of coffee blended with
 no sugar
 With milk, creamy indeed.

 Silky smooth lips glittering
 with wetness,
 The aroma, the elixir, my nectar.

 Kiss me...
 Let me feel forever
 Your love on my skin

 I will be your lady,
 My lips, eyes...
 Will be yours to love.

 This love has me wanting more
 The longing...
 Take me away ---
 give me your heart...

 This music between...
 You and me
 Was meant to sound like this
 In it's a different waiting...

Waiting for the spring breeze
 To where you are
 In my soul
 in my heart...

 We share, we share.
Copyright reserved Lourdes Ong
16 February 2017


The deep sadness in her eyes
knowing it has no end...
Yet, feeling never hidden
that love was forbidden,

Knowing a fool, she is,
still acting so smart
letting go of emotions with every tear
That this feeling does not disappear.

Body trembles with remember desires
of two souls reaching out
left in despair
Having this madness of time
with of joy and sadness

"You might had said the word...
You loved me---
Or is it in my mind that
I made it up
That driving me mad!"

Weighing the pain of staying or leaving
Yet, knowing it is herself
She is deceiving her
Would shattered her soul.

The day for "goodbye" is there,
still she isn't rush
to end the affair...

'till there is you!

*This poem inspires me to write for a friend name: Ganda...

Copyright reserved
12 February 2017


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  1. HOLA LULU BOP COMO ESTAS? De repente no supe nada mas de ti. HELLO LULU BOP HOW DO YOU DO? I don't known nothing about you. ARE YOU OK? I miss you Lulu. DO YOU REMEBER ME?