Monday, May 1, 2017


plea of a widow

I was not a devotee
I was a plain girl
In love smitten
You came like a cloud
Over my barren life
Drenched I was
In your love
For a while.

We took vows together
Around the holy fire
To unite our soul
To cherish love
Till death arrive

It was vowed that
I would die
If such a time arrive

Forgive my jilt
I am at guilt
I let you slip
When that day arrived

You went ahead
I live here
Still breathing
Not alive


I walk here
On white cool sand
The sea tumults
At moon rise
I have a window
That shows you
My widow
You weep and hold the
Pillow tight.
You have forgotten
Day and night
And alsi
Your latent might
Worry not
Weep not
I see you all the time.


I have taken your life
I know
It's the test of time
Weep not o lover
I will give you a gift
In time
Hold on your courage
Just  a little while.


I can't
O come to my rescue
The bridge is broken
And creaking all the while
Take me to him
Or take me to Him
Oh my lord divine


NEELAM SAHU is from lucknow india. Hindi is her mother tongue. But she writes in both the languages. her major time is spent in teaching at her institute which she started in 2000 with her husband. She loves writing that flows in her blood. The literature she says she got in legacy.

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