Monday, May 1, 2017




In my  kingdom of verses
Words are all jumbled up
One by one I rearrange them in order
Slowly they fall into place.
Tranquility flickers in darkness
Sombre silence waits alone
I tread through the dark alleys of my mind
Emotions lay scattered in large numbers.
Stars twinkle in the sky,
A beautiful tapestry of thoughts is woven around my solitude
My eyes crave for more,
I welcome you to become a part of my existence.
In my kingdom of verses nothing is constant
Flirtatious heart feels restless ,
Wanders through vales and meadows and forests so green,
Seasons come and go with a promise
My soul rises in your divine presence.
NANDINI MITRA (c) feb20,2017


Words fail to fill up the blank spaces
Wearied night breathes on my shoulders,
Dreams float all around haphazardly in the dark room
My pillow gets soaked in tears.
I struggle in my conscious innocence to hold on to something
But like sand it slips through my solitude
Lone moon peeps through the curtains
I slowly get used to my quietude.
Words fail to fill up the blank spaces
Heart yearns for your smile,
Love that has no beginning,has no end
Like an endless ocean rises and falls with the tide.
Words fail to fill up the blank spaces
I go numb for a while,
My heart stumbles,
I remain awake in my sleep in your remembrance.
NANDINI MITRA (c) feb14,2017


In that realm of timelessness nothing is yours nor mine
Like stubborn waves love falls, withdraws and falls again,
Slowly we get drowned in a divine frenzy
I lose my way in your arms.
The cosmic rhythm cripples all conspiracy,
In that realm of timelessness nothing remains yours nor mine
In your eyes I discover myself,
Mystic light pervades through darkness .
Absolute silence surrounds our presence
Souls meet each other smiling through our hearts,
Lips tremble over stumbling words,
Love breathes and everything comes to life like a dream,
All hurdles conquered in that realm of timelessness.

(c) feb7,2017

NANDINI MITRA was born in Kolkata, a culturally advanced city of West Bengal. Completed her Post Graduation in English literature from Jadavpur University along  with a Bachelor's degree in Education. From her childhood her keen interest was music. She is trained in Indian classical and different contemporary forms of music. But her love for literature has never taken a back seat. She has  worked as a freelance writer for a vernacular magazine of great repute. She is a teacher by profession and teaches English in senior classes. She enjoys interacting with young minds . Wordsworth, Keats, Shelley, Frost, Browning, Tagore are always there to keep her thoughts alive and to be "recollected in tranquility. " She became serious about her writing since 2011. Her romantic soul allows her thoughts to flow and explore. Her words blend spirituality, nature, romance and life's values. Poetry is now an important essence of her being. Her writing has been well acclaimed and appreciated in various writers' poetry groups on social networking sites where she has been  rewarded with certificates of merit a several times . She lives with the dream to compile her poems for publication. Her personal blog Careless Whispers showcases all her poems and is well admired by many.  Few of her poems have also been translated in other languages.

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