Monday, May 1, 2017




The creepers bend to touch my hand
When I come out to meet my friend
Who waits for me in the shade of a tree
Where it is silent around and we feel free
The birds show me the way to the place
She will be waiting with a smiling face
As my wish she must have left her hair open
Humming softly she is drying it in the sun
She waits for me with her heart beating fast
The path has thorns but I won’t take rest
Our love is blessed and it we can’t ever miss
To get married and live together is our wish



The bud seems smiling soft
Lilting towards me and swaying
Gently in the morning breeze;
As I get up from my bed at
The sound of rustling of feathers
And in cold I begin to sneeze;

The bird has lifted its tail up
And circle around me twittering
A song I cannot understand;
A fragrance drifts past me as
Rustle of a dress is heard not far
From the spot where I stand;

Circling over my head a
Butterfly sprinkles colored dusts
From its wings and flies away
To sit on a blooming flower
And sways with it sipping honey
Till in the east appears a silver ray

At the edge of the plain glowing
Hills let the snow flow in a stream
Singing a song of love and peace;
As soft wind brings fragrance of
Ripening corns from fields infusing
Into minds a feeling of divine bliss.



The night has a song
That it sings in silence
When two bodies get
Intertwined and start a dance

The night has music
That it plays in the dark
When bodies get rubbed
In passion to ignite a spark

The night has a tale
That it tells in a whisper
When bodies release fire
And rise high as a twister


ANIL KUMAR PANDA was born in a small town, Brajrajnagar, situated in the western part of the state of Odisha in India in 1962. He is a graduate in Physics and at present working as a surveyor in a coal mine. He has been writing poems and short stories since his college days. Many of his poems have been published in National and International Anthologies. He loves reading and writing. He has already published a book of poems ‘Fragrance of Love’. His second book on romantic poetry is going to be published soon. Love and nature give him inspiration to write poems and he enjoys company of simple folks in his small village.

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