Monday, May 1, 2017




It’s you, that I am always searchin’
Part of my younger years that has never been,
And will never be obliterated.

It’s you, that I’m longing
Your grumpiness and silence,
I’ve been missing.

It’s you, the only one who filled my fictitious world
That I’m your only antagonist,
And you’ve been always my protagonist

And finally, this chapter has been revived
In a world of different settings;
Reality, it is.

And still, it’s you who brings back the genuine smile on my lips.
Those fascinating discourse
Put sounds on my giggles.

It’s you, the reason that I’ve almost ignore the tick n’ tock of my world
And in my deep sleep;
Dreamin’ this wonderful story of us.

It’s you, that my heart will only recognized
Platonic and romantic; separated continents
It truly beats.

And if the time comes, it’ll only be you
Whom I’d share with my pillows and blankets
The one that I’ll spend with the exquisiteness of twilight.

Until we’re grey and old
I would still say,
This story of us, indeed wonderful;
It’s finally you,
Kenneth Irvin.


To you my Almighty Father,
I wake up each day; full of gratefulness
For this given life, wonderful and mysterious
You alone,
Gives everything
Provides the answer, whenever I call.
You listen,
In my cry and voice of fears
But never leave.
You rescue,
When I’m in despair and grief,
Lend your hand and lead me to the path of light.
You heal,
Whenever I’m vulnerable
Takes away the pain and covers me with your immeasurable love
You teach,
The knowledge and wisdom for survival
To share the truth and justice in humanity.
You give,
Without expecting but faithfulness,
For I truly believed in your grace.
You love,
The most genuine and infinite
That no one, but only you can give.
I adore you my Almighty God
My heart and soul
With all my life.


Silence of tonight,
Makes me fall asleep.
I hear nothin’ but the noise,
Made by the geckos wandering all over my walls.
I fall into my deep sleep,
With my hopes and dreams
Lots of desires to fulfill,
For tomorrow’s awaiting.
This restless body and lethargic mind,
Feels the comfort of my pillows and blanket.
Then, few hours of tranquility
I suddenly awake,
In an empty dim room.
And there’s a shadow standing in front of me
I tried to converse with him but, I just hear nothing.
He remained standing for a while
While I’m still confounding to where am I.
Then, it disappeared hastily.
I feel the movement of my body
Then I open my eyes; full of moist
I notice the brightness of morn,
Then, I realize that,
It’s just a dream.
But, I’m still wondering why
There’s a great desolation within
When that shadow in my dream
Left with words of nothin’.


It is confection of memoirs, reciprocal affection and amusement
That bind the souls toward the path of red roses
They were carried hastily, by their naked hearts.
Unfathomable kind of merriment; filled with the scarlet hue
Til the moments of dullness,
Those red roses started to wither; redness slowly fades
Intervention of roses’ thorns; firmly grippin’
Thus, its random altering becomes excruciating
All the wounds made by thorns, attain into depth
And this path lead by the roses
Vivid hue of petals, has been faded
Vows of the souls are now tattered,
It’s the thorns of roses.


I remember a courageous woman
Who valorously traveled the path of her journey
A woman who carried her faith and aspirations
With the intent of living her dreams
To finally seek the essence of life’s purpose

I remember her as being modest
Who’s wearing the simplicity of life
She has the greatest genuine smile for everyone,
Lips that speaks for love and joy
And eyes that sees all the beauty of her world

I remember her exquisite beauty
Her enthralling gestures of being a woman
And the propitiousness of her heart
I will always remember her name, Vanessa.


MARIA CRIS D. ADONIS was born in the Philippines. She’s a Filipino and currently living in Thailand. She was very fascinated in reading novels and poems. She loves to write her own poems that are usually based on her personal experiences. She was became more enthusiastic in writing when she left her country to work as a teacher in Thailand. She usually write her poems for leisure and to express her thoughts and aspirations. She finished her degree in BSE-English at Arellano University, Philippines. During her university days, she made a strenuous effort to finish her education. She was working as a private tutor for some years while studying. In 2016, she contributed her first published poem in an online magazine, Aquillrelle Magazine – Issue 13 entitled “The Odyssey of My Revelation”.  Then, she became more inspired to do more. So, in 2016, she was given the opportunity to became part of online Anthology for Anti-Racism published by Our Poetry Archive.

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