Tuesday, August 1, 2017




you came the spring
you gone with winter
so little you left
words for breakfast
for dinner you put
only cutlery of distance
for supper
You took of tablecloth
and cover it
childhood of farewell
on the table
nibbled apple
told me a story
about fallen muse
who left her master


do you know
words have eyes
verses have hands

you know a poem
can touch a hand
the one who pulls it
from the belly of the world
through the tunnel
white womb
he feels damp
ink on the skin
You know when he grows up
he will tell
Mom, do not cry
you're beautiful

we love ours poems
We do not know
when they speak


he is smoking
bridges of the poem
they are crumbling
spans of words
they are coming off
boards of verses
tooth decay puenty
abortion of the work
pressing the sheet

is flying away into the outer space

the poet is smiling


IZABEL MONIKA BILL –  She wos born in Poland in Wrocław in 1982. She is a polish poet, writer, publicist, literary critic, editor, publisher, an actress in TV series (Why me, Difficult things, Detectives in action, Deceived, Betrayal, Whose guilt is it, The day that changed my life, Criminal Justice Department, Kamasutra Show), and in the feature films - "Double Ironman" dir. Luke Palkowski, show girl in the "First Love." Izabel is the author of five volumes poetry ( "The Sexiness of a soul" Wrocław 2011. "The Chameleons" Warsaw 2012., "The Art of Eating Apples" Inowrocław 2013. "Traveling Poetry" Inowrocław 2014. "The Automotive’s Erotica" Inowrocław 2015.) Novel "The Werewolf’s Girl " Inowrocław 2016. Izabel also creates collages and artistic photographs. She is the forerunner of a new trend in the Polish contemporary poetry - mainstream erotic automotive. She is a secretary in the Lower Silesian Association of Artists and the Polka International  Association.  Isabelle belongs to the Circle of Polish Writers of Zbigniew Herbert, Wrocław and the Lower Silesia Literary Group NURT on, Luban Slaski.  She is the winner of the photo contest "Glass Routes of Wroclaw."  She was placed in the anthology of "Poets Polish XXI century" 2015., as one of the 25 Polish authors in the world. Co-author of numerous anthologies in the country and abroad.

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