Tuesday, August 1, 2017




It has a different mask for every person
And an expression coloured with irony
It flickers in other people’s misfortunes
It falls into enthusiasm when it breaks your heart

It finds its reasons everywhere
Whatever is human, it isn’t of its kind
It flourishes in other people’s pain
Horrifying and hard
It threatens to reign and perpetuate
It gets savage like a storm
It runs wild
It cannot stop
It shatters itself into little winds
It fails
It strays into the darkness
It often crushes itself
together with its victim.


When the Sun goes up
And gives me a sign with its hand
I will raise my head
Towards the loud calling

Once I hear the song
Of a returning bird
I will follow
I will find a new Pompey

Where fresh roses grow
From stone
Where silence
Talks about life

Where even those who suffer
Are blessed
Where the mouth of the wind
Calls for thunders
I will set off
I will find
A new Pompey


The morning star spins a yarn
The dream cracks
In the awakened hours of the morning

Somebody has removed
The longing from my face

The crunchy crust of the sky
Gets red
It blasts the embers
My hands are full of
Golden and blazing sunrays.


VERA CVETANOVIC is a professor of Serbian language and literature who lives and works in Babusnica.. She deals with editorial and journalistic work as well as proofreading and book editing. Vera writes poems for children and adults, stories, dramas, essays, professional literature (translated into Bulgarian, Italian, English language). She is a co-worker to many journals, anthologies and also known as a winner of many awards. She has published twenty-three books. Vera Cvetanovic is the member of the Association of Srebian writers.

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  1. Thanks a lot, Vera Cvetanović is excellent serbian poetess. Greetings from Serbia.