Tuesday, August 1, 2017




Deep within my eyes
I saw a beautiful sketch of that infinite blue sky,
The same eyes showed me
Doors of infinite secret paths:
Those boundless galaxies,
Fathomless regions,
Abysmal darkness,
Celestial brightness,
Existence in infinity
In default of alpha and omega!

That unique sky painted in
wonderful color,
Initiated endless thoughts
Teeming as those white clouds!
Those thoughts turned into countless questions,
Advancing as those infinite stars!
Questioning, who am l?
Why am I here?
When did I come?
Where are those mystical paths leading me?
Still I do not know where that infinite destination lies!
Ujjwala. K
All rights reserved 2017


Gazing solicitously at the misty morn
Feeling the spine chilling cool zephyr
Mingled with snowy rainfall
Eyes in behold of skeleton branches of fall
clinging bare,
Calling to mind, the slipping time rolling at pace
Cuddling the days and nights, months and seasons,
Merging the past and present in future,
Time moving ahead ceaseless and restless,
Melting those worries and wounds,
Embracing that disgrace and distress,
In winged dreams of hope!

Unknown journey of time in endless move,
Clasping the self in thine,
Teaching amazing lessons of life,
To explore enormous wonders of wisdom!
That unpredictable time in advance,
Sparkling my pretty self
In veil of misty silence,
To experience unknown possibilities of adventures,
To Greet the season of spring
In garland of minutes,
Binding those dreams into reality!
Ujjwala. K
All rights reserved 2017


Those reminiscences of past grievances
Mind musing in repugnance
Heart nursing in patience
Many years of garbage in stockpile
Spirit carrying that weight in wobble
With no limitation in exhaustion!
Moderation in mayhem
Fixing morbid milestones towards moorland
Every single thought in moments of past
Turns to be old in spirit
Sinking the life in humdrum
Enslaving one's mind in nescience of ignorance!
Time rolling past ceaseless
Hugging those merged moments of
Joys and wounds,
successes and failures,
Dreams and struggles
Imprinted as life's eternal experiences
In unceasing silence as lasting memoirs
In the secret dairy of self!

copyright @
All rights reserved 2017

Dr. UJJWALA KAKARLA is by occupation a Professor, by ideology a spiritual activist, by choice a passionate researcher in Aesthetics and Indo-Anglian Poetry leading a single, simple and pious life dedicated to teaching, writing and spiritual activity.  She is a writer and moderator for Spectrum Publishing House, UK and administrator and writer for various poetry groups. She authored two books viz., Lyrical Whispers of Self: Anthology and Indian and Western Aesthetics in Sri Aurobindo’s Criticism. She has published her research papers widely in refereed research journals of international repute besides authored a few of her articles for Infinithoughts, a holistic magazine and Invocation, a spiritual research journal on Savitri, an epic poem and masterpiece of Sri Aurobindo. Her poems and short stories have been published in Tuck Magazine, World Wide Web: Poetry Archive, Asian Continental Journal and Daath Voyage: An International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in English. She has to her credit achieved many awards of excellence, merit and appreciation from Poetry groups viz., Poetry Planet, Philippines and Spectrum Publishing House, UK. Country: India. Mother Tongue: Telugu. Nationality: Indian. Place of Living: Hyderabad, Telangana State, India

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