Tuesday, August 1, 2017




I am a woman of concentrated love
Don’t try to dissolve my senses
I don’t walk through life like a deaf shadow
I am a woman of aromatic spices.

I don’t accept aqueous feelings
My sagacity is not for mediocrities
I don’t accept illusions
I am a woman of wild passions.

I don’t want to curve my hypotenuse
Just to fit into your cathetuses
Oh my dear, I need to stretch my soul
I measure the world with naked fingers.

Your inner space can’t hold my dimensions
I need to travel without your permissions
You lost me because you forgot your role
And that my hunger could feed your soul.


Someone told me:
“You walk barefoot through life…
While others buy expensive shoes
To cover that sensitive part of their body,
You walk barefoot and expose your feet
To the ruddy, rough roads...”

Yes, I walk barefoot through this crazy world,
I dare cruelty,
I repel crudity,
I mock kitsch and vulgarity.
With bare feet I tread the world,
And with tattered toes I challenge shallowness,
And winsome, cheap words with false labels.

As I sojourn on my wings, with bleeding toes,
I leap from crassness with my heels
To reach my home and soft warm grass.
To mend my wounds.


I will hide in a water droplet
And protected so, I will observe the world.
I will cover myself with the mantle of my shadow
And be visible
For those whose sight is from their heart.
Wet hands I will dip into
Opaque tissue of the soul
-like into a pocket;
And carefree
Sail over words that hurt,
Deeds that crush.
I will hide in the transparency of water,
Since its permeability
Protects my dreams,
Its pliancy assumes the shape
Of what I want
Even when I open my eyes.


DENISA KONDIĆ lives and works in Belgrade in Serbia. She has 20 years of experience as an English translator. She has been associated with many translation projects (books, magazines, brochures and web material). A graduate from the University Novi Sad she published her first collection of poems in 3 languages (English, Gypsy and Serbian) in 2015. She is also widely published in collections with other authors - locally and internationally - and has participated in a number of international poetry festivals.

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