Tuesday, August 1, 2017




Green ,the colour exploding on the moss clinging to the damp castle wall
Green , the lush grape leaves clustering protectively around the pale  bunches
Green , the shade of the chiffon saree I wore when we first met
Draped elegantly in loving folds
Green, the slimy frog winking owlishly at the edge of the slushy pond
Green, the pale lime tendril uncurling coyly beneath the ewes
Green , the envious colour that spread like an incurable disease
Green, the glass bangles that tinkled in my girlish wrists
Green , the jade of your smoky eyes on a tempestuous night
Green , the emerald gleaming on your throat in Royal repose
Green ,the guava I stole after climbing the neighbour's wall
Green, the thick carpet grass we lolled around on
munching on samosas with chutney
Green, the canopy of the peepul tree in the Sukhna lake in my city
Green, the pretty leaves cocooning the corn on the cob as raindrops pattered on our youthful heads
Green, the heart of monsoons in the North of India
Copyright Lily Swarn 8.7.2017


Radha draped in flowing vestments
Waiting for the other half of her soul
As the peacock woos his morni

Krishna's flute dancing in the rains
As thunderous clouds gather the darkness into their ash smeared hearts

The cool breeze stirs up a storm
in the Dusk all aflame
Fragrant trees shelter Radha Krishna
From the relentless downpour

Celestial love riding on gusts of monsoon winds
Lit up with a divine halo in the irradiance of lightening streaks

The milky aura of the silvery moon
Carefully picks up her shimmering gown and slips out from behind the
Chilman of  antimony tinted curtains

It's raining divinity today as I gaze inside my being!
Radha Krishna !! Radha Krishna !
Copyright Lily Swarn 6.7.2017
Chilman - a screen for purdah
Morni - pea hen


The scent of love is elusive
A nameless conglomeration of pure notes of the Bhairavi
Entwined amorously  with summer wine

A fusion of musky tones and Motia bunches
Tip toeing into nooks of elegant wisteria bowers

Dulcet sounds of Jal Tarang
on misty mountain paths
Gambolling with innocent lambs
wooly and warn

Vagrant clouds dancing the tandav
Agitated and drunk
Poised on heaven bound chariots of
Luminescent hope


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