Tuesday, August 1, 2017




Every verse and a ship
that are traveling on the sea
of speech and poetry,
that they are passing through
from the obstacle of reason
to the deserted island
of immaterial inspiration.

You inspire a young poet
from the salty waters of life
and you write about the waves of hardships
and the rough sea of deceptive dreams
and you left the sea breeze
to pamper every rocky island of your mind,
If you want to be sometime
the poet of the bow.


The sun burns up in the sky
of the Homer Archipelago
where the poet once sat
of Odysseus and the Troy
on the beaches of Ionia
with the golden beaches
and the colorful shells.

Now all that's left
reminds of that ancient beauty
after so many centuries
it is only this sun
which bathes the ruined Troy
with the heroic light of Hector and Achilles
the one who shines with his rays
the beauty of art
of ancient rhapsodists.


You don’t look at the trains that are leaving
but only those who come.

Some wagons may look empty
but may hide small in size
but very rich treasures.

And you will have to choose
if you accept the challenge
to work hard to find
the pearls that will give you
eternal happiness
or you will sit waiting for the next train
you are thinking that the present
it has nothing to offer you
beyond efforts and sacrifices
but you remember that no one has ever built
palaces and kingdoms
without he wipe the sweat
from his face.
Ploutarchos Pastras


PLOUTARCHOS PASTRAS: He is a young Greek poet. He was born in Athens. He is a Journalist. He has studied Journalism and Architecture. He works in Greek newspapers in Athens.  Now he studies in the department of “History of European Culture” of the “Hellenic Open University”. He is co-operating with literary magazines: Pnoes Logou & Texnis (Breathlessness of Speech & Art), Iamvosart, Pnevmatiki Zoi (Spiritual Life), Delear (Lure) and Bonsaistories. He has published his poems and short stories in 18 Anthologies in Greece, Cyprus and Australia. In 2017 he published a poetic collection titled: “In the supplements of refuge”. So far he has won 13 literary awards in Greece and Europe. Country of origin: GREECE. Mother language: GREEK. Nationality: GREEK. Place of living: Athens, a capital of Greece.

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