Tuesday, August 1, 2017




I look for provisional accommodation
To find a safe shelter for my words
To bring the written poems back under the roof
To have an unfamiliar neighbour
And my own bench in the Park
I buy a little river
Convenient for moving in
Where in each water-mill
I can meet my own millstone
I demand the lost Love Gold Picture Postcards
And everything left behind memories
The angle between the commotions of Doboj and a wolf-dog is demanded
There remained my footsteps
Clock tickings Rising waters Blazing fires
Promises of speech and deaths of moonshine
Verses scattered at literary evenings
There my years weep and shadows grow
I swap the head under a lifted axe
For the glitter of ist cutting edge
I change the directions of the clock hands
They intensify the race above History
For days on end I am Looking Buying
Demanding Swapping
Unhugging Dawning
Then I sit down with my face buried in hands
Taking a break to weigh out the words
To write the Public Notice once more


I have called off going to Library
It is a market day
Today I am going to buy and sell
I do not deny the delight of bargaining
Here a word can be pronounced for countless times
The weighing of words comes in the end
Everybody has their own counters made of dreams
Buying and selling keep going on
A button from a pair of old trousers
A pillow under the head for big and small money
A Snake's slough Deer's horn
A pocket watch and a hole on the pocket
A phone number Dust under a broom
Expensive and cheap cigarettes
Old umbrellas Knives from the chest
A mote in the eye Shadow before the feet
Light below the Lighthouse is bought
A Hill in the Kingdom Horses and horsemen
The Road under the footsteps on guard
Mists from the years nineteen ninety two and three
Everything is for sale
Only life has no value


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JOVANKA STOJČINOVIĆ NIKOLIĆ was born in 1952 in Ritesic near Doboj (Bosnia and iH). Until 1998 she worked in high school in Doboj, as a teacher. From 1998 to 2010. she was the director of the Center for Culture and Education in Doboj. Now she works in the municipality of Doboj as a counselor for education, science and culture in the office of the mayor. She is the founder and director of more than a decade and selector of "Theatre Fest" in Doboj. She published 15 books of poetry and included in several anthologies in Serbia, Republic Serbska, Russia and Romania. She won awards in Serbia and Republic Serbska. Now she is the President of Writers' Association of Republic Serbska.

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