Tuesday, August 1, 2017




There is no thought without love
There is no mind without such sun
There is no mystery without it
There is night still where there is no moon

There is no star without history that hasn't played with a sparkler
There is no love that has a face
But an unforgettable memory
A poem is one such flower of the same mystery

Half miracle half beauty half naked half lie
There is not a single bible without many a poems

There is no sin without it

Love is that pair of lips
Outside it
There is one sacred serpent
Inside it
There is one kind fruit of life
(c) Sanaa Uppal


Only the one who has not known
Can love
Only the one who doesn't know
Can love

The abandoned knows !
Scarcity knows !
Death knows it !

Either the one who has lost it or the one who has found it
Can love
Love is not as much a mystery as a circumstance
You have no choice but to love
Love is a total infringement

Only the one who cannot see, hear or touch
Can love
It is in the eyes of the most ferocious
It is in the eyes of the most tamed
It is the face of cosmos
This love
(c) Sanaa Uppal


What is high above is what lies deep down
An experience of all space without time
Time is what you create
It is only in the middle that you can create it
And create a miracle in time
It is only in between that you can make a life
A life that can never be built, buried, burnt or sold
This beloved life will simply hold you like rosemary and holy chrysanthemum in the middle of just something
For nothing but a touch of grace beauty and freedom that it brings
It likes to slip away from hands like melting moon in the making, like crashing horizon and broken evenings at the foot of snow
Exploding like bewilderment
Exploring like high tides of confusion
Finely obstructing pyramids of construction
Sometimes it will make fun of everything that you are with the knowledge of what will become
It will simply be a guide sometimes in the pure nothingness of the experience
Sometimes it will pick you up in joy and make you into a grand spectacle
But it is all a clever celebration
A blind fiesta
This lifetime on the planet


SANAA UPPAL: Born and brought up in the golden city of Amritsar (punjab, India), Sanaa Uppal has been constantly inspiring those avid readers with her works which are known as the beautiful blend of beauty and profundity. With a philosophical bent of mind, her poetry revels the moments of sadness and bliss, of togetherness and eternity, regarding life as its spontaneous flow. However the interdependence and conflicting nature of reality and imagination, the resultant contradictions and obscurities makes it an extremely complex but potently interesting read.

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