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C'mon hold a pen
Hold it child!
Draw a sea
Paint it blue,
Let it cover everywhere
Separatethe sky
By the horizon line.
Build a ship
White sailed
And loaded with hope
Add a little happiness to it
Andseagulls will notgo away by themselves...

C'mon hold a pen
Hold it child!
Draw a globe
Paint it green,
Separate into countries
By love line
Make a big heart
Don't think
How so many people
Can fit into it
Put a little love
A little respect
A little friendship
A little humanity
And plenty of justice in it...

February 28, 2014



How free you are
Out-of-spite free
I could yet not break
The iron bars inside of me.
I'm enslaved by love,
Maybe by fear
I wrapped up myself in the lonelinesses.
How free you are
Out-of-spite free
In that endless blueness of the sky.
I could yet not unlock
The fetters inside of me.
Whenever I felt love
I wrapped up myself in the lonelinesses.
The sunlight abandoned me
In the dump well,
And it went away.
Being unable to leave lonelinesses,
I could not say stop to time,
The time that races against wind.
The hopes inside me rusted and faded.
Oh! You do not know how I miss
Becoming free like you,
Out-of-spite free,
By eluding fear
And leaving lonelinesses in the dump well...



Of which spring’s flowers had you made the crown on your head,
And which
Love tree’s branches had wrapped your child body
Now remember...
In our eyes this picture was black and white
On the day when it was taken but
Colorful were our smiles.
Those were still the first steps in life
In this abandoned house we safely lived in
We always used to play
Most beautiful roles in life…
From the indigo on the walls
I want back
Our childish cries
And our songs in every language it hides
Without further contamination.
Oh, Camelia...
Now we are the women of different countries!
Our hearts are expecting bright beauties.
When giving birth to a new one
Of our children of peace at each dawn,
No matter where in the world,
We speak only the language of love.
Even if we don’t know the meaning of the lyrics to it,
Come on
Let’s murmur together
The melody
Of our human side



LEYLA IŞIK. Educator, poet and writer Leyla ISIK was born in Sarikamis, Kars in 1957. She finished his primary and secondary education in Izmir. She graduated from the Teacher’ Training School in Usak, and the Institute of Education in Denizli, and received an undergraduate degree from the Anadolu University, Education Faculty in Eskişehir. In 2001 she retired as a primary school teacher. Leyla ISIK, who goes on her studies with KIBATEK (Cyprus, Balkans, Eurasia Turkish Literatures Corporation), which is the international platform of Turkish language, literature and translation, is holder of 2003 IKSDER (Izmir Culture and Art Association) 1st prize of Halicarnassos Fisherman Cevat Sakir (with her poem titled “My Izmir”). 2008 Honorary Certificate of Service to the Literature of Turkish World Award, “in the name of Mesheti Gencevi Social Union of Poets”. 2013 Platform of Izmir Lovers, Attila Ilhan Medal of Friendship and Loyalty. Leyla ISIK successfully represents her country abroad, and contributes to promotional activities for Turkish poetry on international platforms as a volunteer ambassador. She also made poetry programs for various local radio stations for a period of time. She has been interested in literature, painting and theatre since her childhood, and apart from poetry she writes short stories. She is a member of the Men of Letters Associations, and the culture, art and theatre coordinator of the Aegean Culture Platform Association, and the culture and art supervisor of Belgium Baris Manco Lovers Association. She was KIBATEK secretary general and vice president, and is a Vise Presedent International project coordinator of KIBATEK. Her writings and poems are published in verious magazines and anthologies, and translated into German, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Dutch and English. Her poetry and poetic narrative book entitled (To) Another Dream (2005) has been translated into Azerbaijani by Prof. Dr. Elcin ISGENDERZADE, and published by Vektor University in Azerbaijan. Leyla IŞIK, Representative of Kazakhstan World Writers Union, Representative of Pablo Neruda Cultural Association in Italy and Member of Honor. HER WORKS: (To) My Peace Frame, poetry, 1992 The Adventure Bird (This Is What Burns inside Me), poetry and poetic narrative, 1996 Like Reliving, short story, 2000 (To) Another Dream, poetry, poetic narrative, 2005 Dodaq Izlerin (Traces of Your Lips), poetry and poetic narrative, which has been translated into Azerbaijani, 2009 I’ve Stolen (Got) My Dreams (short story, 2011) n the Morning of the Drunken and Sleepless Night (poetry and poetic narrative, 2011). Her country of origin: TURKEY. Mother language: Turkish. Nationality: Turkish. Place of living: İZMİR

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