Tuesday, August 1, 2017




You are the mystic dream
That haunts me each night-
Your countenance is still a blurred vision
But from the depths of my heart-
I know it is YOU.
It is YOU who have worn many faces-
In every century that passes
In every lifetime your soul renews
But the same beat of a heart that stays the same-
The same rhythm and melody that captured me
For YOU can wear many disguises
But will still be recognized by my longing heart .

Author/Poet Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


Your music is an ode to a wondrous world
Your rhythm echoes through the hearts of many
Immortal lyrics still linger as your songs are being played on the air.
The Purple Knight, a legend you are,
With a music style quite different from other artists
You taught us how to embrace our true selves
And continue to change the world with a memorable legacy.

The Purple Knight, the Prince of music,
You will go down in history with your songs as pieces of inspiration
Our Purple Knight who sings sweet melodies even in our dreams
You left sparkles of magic in every verse you sang,
And these will never be forgotten even as the years will pass us by
The Purple Knight, you gave us great music, your masterpieces
We thank you for the wonderful contribution to humanity.

The Purple Knight with purple hues spread over the horizon
You are one great inspiration along with your melodious tones with the different rhythms of life
The Purple Knight, you will be in our hearts and your songs will forever be remembered
Generations will come and go but your name will be standing on a pedestal
“Raspberry Beret” will be one of the last song syndromes I will be playing on my mind
The immortal “Purple Rain” whispers a lullabye to my ears every now and then
There will never be a farewell to your melodies, our Purple Knight.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo Copyright 2016


At a distant horizon my mind drifts away
cascading shadows follow me everywhere
even in my dreams where your silhouette haunts me
your smile still lingers, those eyes that seem to tell me I should stay
In the afterglow, I can still see traces of splendid moments we had
Cut short by destiny as hearts kept distance with words  which remained untold.
Your sultry silhouette haunts my every breath
Succumbing to love's call even if it will be against all odds
There is something about the way you make this heart quiver
Always bringing me back to you no matter how far I roam.
That wicked silhouette framing a broken soul
Pierced my deepest core the moment I had to let you go
But only time and destiny can foretell if ever this yearning will lead me back to you once more…


ELIZABETH ESGUERRA CASTILLO is a multi-awarded international author/poet from the Philippines. She has 2 published books, "Seasons of Emotions", UK and "Inner Reflections of the Muse", USA. Elizabeth is a co-author to more than 70 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, India, Romania, and Africa. She is a member of PEN. International and the American Authors Association (AAA).

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