Tuesday, August 1, 2017



Our lives are but a breath
so miniscule in the vastness
of time               and the cosmos
that insignificance               that dresses our life
is barely realized          by those
seeking to define      what is being          self
and the paths          of humanities     dichotomy
desertion of all worth       and depredations unconcealed
to     superfluous self exaltation
its a wonder the species
has survived          even to this time
a continual examination
of imbedded frailties             that are self defeating
but in whose apex
will surrender  one’s own life
in order        to preserve         another’s
and not meaning     the kind       a government demands

also the ability to        sleepwalk    through life
with so few moments of clarity
that Jesus could pronounce
“Let the dead bury the dead ”

One atom alone       contains enough energy
to obliterate  a multitude
of cities upon its release

yet our bodies contain billions
of those little energy factories
but the amount           of all that energy
in the cosmos                is beyond all comprehension

I should be moving at the speed of Light
but I prefer a snails pace

Or how easily      our ability to think
submits itself            to ideological shackles
imposed by the self appointed  masters
of the bastions           of a caste system
that plagues   every strata    and path
and highway threading the lives      of “humans”

A species so             full of darkness
where the          divine spark        is nearly   dormant
you are           what            I   Am

Go and learn what that means

COPYRIGHT © 2013 C Michael Miller
via Duboff Law Group LLC
Look! You have made my days just a few;And my life’s duration is as nothing in front of you.Surely every earthling man, though standing firm, is nothing but an exhalation.Surely in a semblance man walks about.Surely they are boisterous in vain.One piles up things and does not know who will be gathering them.
Psalms 39


If I could hear the angels sing
……. What would their chorus tell
how mankind has misplaced his love
…… our history how we fell
All our sorrows and all our woes
…… thoughtlessness and hardened heart
our starving minds and impure thoughts
…… from goodness we all depart
If you could sing what would you tell
…… your lyrics all their words
Songs of whiskey wine and women
…… the bars and their drunkards
If I could sing about our lives
…… what would I choose to say
The stories history tells about
…… how from the good we stray
Would I choose the best in you
……. to build upon what’s good
to lift your light out of the night
…… your mistakes I’ve understood
Our highs and lows all that we fail
…… to understand and give
A care to all who us surround
…… our choices and how we live
So nothings new under the sun
…… mistakes we all repeat
Consider all life has to give
…… before your life’s complete
Let all your songs speak what is true
…… your words should be a guide
Give understanding a voice that’s heard
…… Let truth therein reside
C Michael Miller


I don’t want           your world
I was made          for paradise
unteach me      your ethics
your morality’s              not nice

Take your         guns and bullets
those who shoot         each other down
your agenda          is self serving
and hatred        is your crown

The nations        cannot repair         themselves
of that                  I now am sure
their natures            are destructive
what more           must all endure

Been betrayed             by power
oppression’s                 and outright lies
the people drink                   the P.R.
statesmen’s words           are their disguise

Force and fraud              the daily fare
they are                shearing all the sheep
They’re harvesting               your pocket book
it’s news      keeps you              asleep

They’re reaping         earth’s treasury
while you struggle         they do thrive
They keep the military               active
the wars             they keep alive

Their empire’s                 an illusion
They are largely        corporate owned
seems most are bought                 and paid for
on bankers money              they’ve been loaned

Who really                  is their owner
if to men           they are enslaved
their souls are lost                to evil
with wickedness                    their roads are paved

My descension’s                      very public
with the nations                          I disagree
if I’m to be                eliminated
it won’t be          so publicly

I have no faith            in Nations
in police          or men of war
in religions             or corporations
or a race           that’s valued more

I don’t                believe in stealing
putting down            your fellow man
but building         those around you
of sharing                   what you can

Life is                fairly simple
if you know             “the golden rule”
violators           of it’s beauty
are known                as only cruel …


C. MICHAEL MILLER (Poetry of Providence): Voracious reader, love ancient Historians and tracing ideology and belief systems,, love people of every sort even if I don't agree on lifestyle makes for good study and intro- duction to new ideas that of course must be researched. Profound interest in philosophy, art, science,history, and the great teachers whos words of wisdom have been so deftly passed down in time,complicated, tempermental, simple, thoughtful, inquisitive, love the deep woods and all of nature from earth to universe. Reseach on anything I want to learn,exploring new areas love the back roads into the hills, writing and screaming on paper. People watching, inciting others to think,

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