Tuesday, May 1, 2018


Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Jonathan Aquino


I walk along the shore, at one with the earth,
the sea embraces me as I welcome the waves,
my skin tingles with pleasure as the winds
caress me, tenderly, as I merge with my beloved sea.

Sea gulls flying above me, the sound of their wings
Chiming in with the dancing waves in a rhythmic symphony
The inviting clear, blue waters lay witness
To a thousand or more classic stories.

I long to live the rest of my days
contemplating the ocean, her mystery,
and gazing at the stars, into infinity,
as I lay on a bed of waves on my sea.

There is something about the mystic setting of the sun at the horizon
That often entices lovers, dreamers to enter a world of their own
A gush of warm breeze caressed my cheeks leaving a tinge of pinkish glow
Reminiscing captured beautiful memories on my mind.

There, a thousand miles beneath me,
are sights no human eyes will see,
a creature of nightmares slowly awakening,
or a ship with sunken gold to ransom a king.

As my eyes behold the view from a distance
Asking myself what could lie there at the other side of the sea
Whatever undiscovered myths await those who want to satisfy their curiosity
There are simply mysteries in this world that are better to be left unrevealed.

I know the songs that pirates sing,
and the rhymes of ancient mariners,
I can hear the mermaids whispering
of lost treasure and nameless voyagers.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo/Jonathan Aquino Copyright January 31, 2018

Meadow Sweet

I want to run through space and time
and across this field I will find
a hidden cave that leads to Neverland
and the answers to riddles on my mind.

A robin with a red tail and blue eyes perched on a tree hummed me a melody
While I was captivated by the cottony clouds and the clear, blue skies
I sat on a soft spot beside an old oak tree while strumming my guitar
Playing an old familiar hymn, reminiscent of old ancestral houses in town.

I was in a field such as this,
in the not too distant past,
where twilight came like a mist,
hanging above, then descending,
like a lover yearning for a kiss.

Kung Sun smiled at me from a far with his beaming rays,
Children flying their colorful kites up in the air
Their laughter, a joyful rhythm to my ears,
As I start to weave words out of my poetic dreams.

This is where I saw with my own eyes
what nature was like when she was young,
here is where every sunset and sunrise
every bird song, comes from God's own bosom.

Lush greenery surrounding me brings solace to my soul,
Calms the senses and soothes the exhausted mind
The beauteous daffodils and blooming sunflowers,
The dewy, fragile branches of the trees leave a lingering fresh air.

If once again comes my day to die,
I want to be here, a place like this,
running, like a skylark learning to fly,
as blazes of light would paint the sky,
and in a blaze of glory, let my body,
once more turn to ashes.

The dreamy landscape that beholds my eyes takes me to an idyllic sanctuary
As if heaven and earth meets half way to bring mysticism to my reality
I wouldn’t want to wake up from this magical hallucination
Let my soul soar high in the skies as my being is enveloped by my own imagination.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo/Jonathan Aquino Copyright February 1, 2018


Many times I've walked the streets,
and saw the plight of humanity;
I've seen the heroism of complete strangers,
and I've seen suffering, greed and depravity.

I have often seen innocent angels roaming the streets at night
Young vagabonds loitering dark alleys, scavengers searching for the light
Tattered clothes, soiled feet, with eyes that question their mere existence
Young bloods, lost souls in need of careful attention and sustenance.

I've seen children, in pure joy and innocence,
laughing and playing on the school yard,
but I've seen younger kids raised in violence,
I have seen them, in the streets, and behind bars
where no child should ever be.

Fragile bodies crossing the roads, stopping cars to beg for money
Abandoned by some ruthless families, in the dark they hide their agony,
Some abused, maltreated by society who should be the first to care
Fallen angels seeking for the truth behind their helpless state.

I heard the story of a boy,
a child who grew up in jail;
nobody knew his parents, not even him,
he had killed a man who almost killed him
and for that, his whole life he had paid.

Famish, greasy children pitifully sleeping on the cold pavement
It was not their choice to be born and suffer in such sad predicament
Oh, God lay down your mercy on them and let them have the taste of life they were deprived
These precious one whom You adore, let your Light guide them and help them survive.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Jonathan Aquino:

ELIZABETH ESGUERRA CASTILLO is a multi-awarded contemporary, international Author/Poet from the Philippines. She has 2 published books: “Seasons of Emotions” (UK) and “Inner Reflections of the Muse” (USA) and a co-author to more than 70 international anthologies in the USA, Canada, UK, Romania, India, and Africa. Her articles, short stories, and poetry have been widely published in both online and printed international literary magazines. Elizabeth is an enlisted Filipino Author at Panitikan.ph, Philippine Literature Portal of the University of the Philippines Institute of Creative Writing, a member of PEN International, American Authors Association (AAA), Asia Pacific Writers and Translators (APWT), and World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAOAR).

JONATHAN AQUINO is the author of "The Way To Inner Peace" published in Amazon Kindle, and "Fisherboy," "Why The World Needs Heroes" and "A Celebration of Life" published by Smashwords. His stories, essays, articles and poetry have appeared in various international anthologies, literary websites, citizen journalism websites and major newspapers and magazines. His plays have aired on national radio in his home country, the Philippines. Jonathan's philosophy is summed up in Ralph Waldo Emerson's On Self-Reliance: “A man should learn to detect and watch that gleam of light which flashes across his mind from within, more than the lustre of the firmament of bards and sages

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