Tuesday, May 1, 2018




We walk hand in hand
Strolling through the park
Hearts fill our heads
with loving memories
never to part~

Caressing, lips to lips
As we gaze in each other's eyes
Ready to explore a brand new day~

Walking hand in hand
Loving each other all the way~
(c) Jennifer Croy


Innocence stolen in a kiss
cascaded under the moonlight sky~

Forever young in love
never to hide what they feel inside
embrace in an ending kiss
lasts in time~

Transcends an image
innocence stolen in a kiss~
(C) Jennifer Croy

A Tear

I see a tear run down your cheek
Trying so hard to speak
Eyes filled with despair~

Pain numbs my head
as sorrow drifts in I plead
Where is the sun?
Sadness lifts my spirits high~

As I wonder why?
As a tear runs down my cheek
Wetness; never dry~


JENNIFER MARY CROY is 54 years old been writing poems since 2006 on Allpoetry.com. She lives in Brazil, Indiana and has been married for 24 years. She has one-son still lives at home age 19. She writes poems from the heart and soul because poetry makes her feelings spring forth her heart and soul.   She feels and sees beautiful scenery of artistry pictures of love, God, and heart-felt feelings expressed from deep in her soul. She is a published Author of 54 books. Children’s & novels. Romance, mystery, horror. You can find her on Lulu.com

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