Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Have you ever contemplated the poet’s eyes
And how they hold the huge mass of words
Have you ever seen the rebellion of stars in the skies
And how they hold each other for brightening our world...
Have you ever stared at the trip of words..
And how they delve deeply
into hearts despite the long miles..
Sometimes a word
hugs our dreams to irrigate them with joy
Sometimes a word
Hugs our reality to throw us as if we‘re a used toy..
Sometimes a word..
Takes me to the depth of your world..
Where there’s no hate, no discrimination, no wars...
No jealousy, no oppression, and no difference of religions...
Yes...your world...
Where I see only the eyes of a loving poet
A poet...
Who lives the storms but spread tranquillity...
Who collects words of love and joy to forget his misery...
Yes sometimes a word to appear with confidence
Sometimes a word to disguise as the weak flies...
So behind the silence they hide...
Sometime a word carries many questions
Awaitening one sufficient answer...
We are created in this world
For loving each other not for killing or
Using our words as swords...


Sitting on the edge of twisted lines
Looking to  that warm embrace
Holding love, hope and faith
While the desert is there
Sitting on patience’s chair
She looks so thirsty
In her eyes there’s an endless dignity
Her eyes become dry while looking
To the lost water
To the ambiguity of fate
And to the dream laying
Under the cool shades

Her sand is golden and bright
in the shining rays of sun
she sees her secret and right
but where is the bold light ?
Is it there or with the moon and stars
for his immortality keeps to fight
and for his serenity delves in billion nights?
Despite the large spaces
And The lonely traces
The desert tries to  survive
For keeping her smile alive.


My ears were fixed on the sound made by your heartbeats.
My eyes were fixed on the pride built on your eyelids
My feeling climbed with blissful heights of love
Looking above..
Searching the pinnacle of your heart..

The farthest I’ve gone with you
Your love delved  into my soul deeply
You were whispering:
I’m the joy that covers your sadness..
I’m the peace that covers your frightfulness
I’m the small embrace in which you find vastness
I’m you and the farthest  you’ve gone  to my heart
You’ll discover many things and «  ME »

The farthest I've gone with you had shown me things
I can't construe..
The farthest I've gone with you the sweetest bridge
I've walked through ..
The farthest I've gone with you I would like to redo it
and start new..
The farthest I've gone with you time flies in it by fast..
We lived the moment without care
of the future or the past.


NASSIRA NEZZAR, A writer from Guelma –Algeria- She worked as an English language teacher at the university of May 8th 1945 Guelma for 8 years ...Also, a teacher at the National institute for vocational training...She adores writing since young age...Nassira Nezzar has a published book, a collaboration work with the American author Rob McBride, She has collaborative poems with the American author John E wordSlinger, they are available on youtube. Nassira Nezzar has also many participations in international anthologies which were published in USA, Poland, India...Her website is: www.wordsocan.wordpress.com.

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