Tuesday, May 1, 2018




orally white springtime shines around the winter with the lie

Now the cloud is full of stupid arbours a dry month

our mouth is cracking our frosty death

the silent poor are marked by sussy every baby 's memory

a child imitates the wall of the abandoned cat

dead soul of a mother who no longer reminds her of it

Some things that are not remembered are god damn things

when I can not solve the language of silence

a pain that silently leaves in the palms

but I loved your side that is not worth the sun

the smile of the head

broken broken broken yellow all the silences are now all unbelievable

Tobaccos wrapped up in the factory are all for me for the sadness

The smile of thinking about you in the face is crazy spring

my neck slipped from my mouth

now the recollection is passing the clock

Do not forget time


avalanche coming out of the orange orange blossom

horny mountains hilly forests a blind voice

to the people of the contrary of the world

a time in meat speed

the voice of the crowd revolt

like the end of a lousy poor season

everything is thrown away a time is left

dusty memories torn pictures or even forgotten shirts

Scared historic tickets are a few words in forgotten drawers

most desperate and bare loneliness remains an old man

something is always growing, most of it is yourself

orange grief stores mountains walls


at the pauses you read poetry

a cat staring a dog on a limp asphalt

the world that opens up to the world of excellence what a generous world of pain

whereas the children are silent to talk

Leave the caliber you had memories weighed in backwards

frightening his own lethargic hair in divided wool


as destructive as the history of the war

you can not forget the black-haired scarf weight in the flight neck

whereas every city that embraces love is every breath

with a few whites, a few missing wires

breathless like a cough cough

and live a look of a stolen child

alone and sad

black-eyed glass

may highlights

Surely there are places to live

untouched sex

a child who is laughing



Do I still love the evening ties

the horses of the world

and infiltration infiltration

my cancerous ridge

in the dreams of poisonous thinkers

I have morning expectations I planted on anguished ceilings

last love that your eyes touch

love is a star floating

suddenly glowing

as you turn into darkness from your journey

a dark riddle

now a fading light in the distance


that pessimism that came and sat in my chest questioning

At what age does a person succeed

Thinking about death and thinking about youth

do you think all of this and you

I arrive at the absurdities like the night that morning

often twice in a row

I'm breaking my game I'm breaking all the memorize

a bridge is torn down first, then the roads that do not return with you



NEVAL SAVAK: She was born in İzmir. She published her poetry book called “The Black Solace” in April 2016.  ‘’Hidden Desert’’ 2017.  ‘’My Tenuçu’’ 2018. Her poems have appeared in literary magazines such as Silgi, Şiiristan, Sakız Fanzin, Meyus, Sunak, Tmolos, Nif Sanat, Eliz, Dikili Ekin, Yaşam Sanat, Kirpi Edebiyat, Kültür Sanat, Lacivert, Şiiri Özlüyorum, Patika, Kaybolan Defterler, Edebiyatist, SonGemi, Absent. She lives in İzmir.

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