Tuesday, May 1, 2018





My love,
Tonight in solitude I return to the
words spoken long ago: is love eternal only
in books and friendships. Are the gates
open like a fragrant flower, which drinks
the morning dew before light comes, where
thoughts dwell in a grain of silence? There,
where solitude veils eyelids, I close my eyes
before what is left of you, while the wind
whispers to the grass lonelier than
scattered tears. We need time and place
where we will be together.
For a good night,


My love,
The night is starry, and you are not
beside me. Everything is mysterious and
hidden from curious eyes. Only the truth is
visible, that you miss me, and that I can
sense and welcome you. I could write the
saddest verses tonight, yet tomorrow your
gentle smile will greet me like the first time.
And that’s why tonight I feel your hands
around my body and warmth which
permeates me. Without you I am nothing,
and with you I am a part of the starry sky.
I kiss you for a good night.
love you.


My love,
Your body – the coil of my dreams.
Your body flew into the cloud, so heavenly
becomes earthly, cheerful becomes blue,
and the only proof that life is worth living
in the floral field between the eve and the
morn. Your body – contour of life longs in
the evening sheets. Your body conceives
dreams which allay the pain and dreams
the one which instills hope, for the flame
ablaze for a pleasant trip to last till love in
For a good night, I love you,
Inconsolable in the abyss of insomnia.


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