Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Come along with us
Up on the snow-white mountain
To search and find our shelters
Among the trees
Ensure our tracks are not erased
On the snow
That’s spread over nature wild
-With respect -

Come along with us
To feel our breath
That warms you tenderly
In the engaging cool.
If you listen carefully
You can hear it
In the vast tranquility
Of the snow-covered old fur-tree
Happily sleeping under its cape
Made of snow.

Come along with us
Become free like we are.
If you feel pain
Out of slavery to the soul,
You will understand our swiftness
Rolling down silently
Within the veins of our instincts,
Setting our presence away
From your eyes.

Come along with us
The snow is longing
To taste your tracks,
Oh Man,
On its untouched embrace,
In sisterly hold with our own.
We!  The animals!


The eagles perished away
In their running after fashion
And glory ,
In their pursuing the ordinary
And the tasteless
Their tail got entangled
In the meagerness
Of  the “string” pleasures.
The glance was fixed
Upon the low and easy games.
The eyes became unable
To turn to flights to the top.
And the wings became incapable
Of holding the weight
Of valor
For the hummocks.
Poor eagles having
A sparrow’s wings
And a turtledove’s singing
Who hallucinate perfumed veils
From shy night flowers
And seaweeds which rotten on the reef
Out of loneliness.
The young eagles nestled their dreams
Broken into pieces
Under sunless shelters
Having no direction or target
In the sounds and flashes
Of “dexterous” spotlights.

The hooked bills perished
Under the lipstick
Of vanity.


We have been dancing in bars and cafes
We pay in checks and in soul
Our goals in life have been erased
We have become veterans having no uniforms
And been all black and grays.

We have been running after Kroisso’s ghost
Grandguiniols become VIPs and stars
Drugs, discos and all crazy cars
Being  inhabitants of a lost Paradise.

Everybody took a portfolio and made himself a doctor
Dictators and sponsors are in their heights
We ’ve lost “plus” and “minus” when calculating
Our only(very) goal is to be “in”.

Gods got drunk on Olympus mount
Our targets are being sold out
Being not caring fully governs us
Angels threw away their wings and became “cool”.


When I try to look at my little moon
my eyes are burning.
When I try to get hold of the sand
at the bottom of the sea
I run out of breath.
When I try to listen to the ripple of waves
the tempest overflows my thought
When I try to feel the pulses of the voice
the echo demolishes their origin.
When I try to shout out of joy ness
my voice is drowned sobbing
under the attack of falseness.
When I try to lay my soul out in the lightness
hypocrisy pulls close the curtain
being ironically sarcasting.

I am a gladiator without weapons and fighting armor
wrestling in an arena full of lions
and on the bleachers
a finger is risen downwards.
So simply!
Just for the merit of the times being.


EVANGELIA – AGGELIKI  PECHLIVANIDOU is a retired teacher of High School who lives in Thessaloniki with her family (3 children).  She had activated her students in a lot of programmes bringing many prizes to her school and herself as a teacher. She is a respected poet and author. She can write adequately in every literary genre. Despite the publication of many books (12), the majority of her literary work is still unpublished. Many of her poems and stories have been also published in magazines, anthologies and internet sites. She has been mentioned in many omnibuses and encyclopedias .Evangelia has received many literary awards in contests of different genres from local and foreign entities. She has been an active member in social life in a lot of ways. For six years she wrote and presented a broadcast in a TV channel of worldwide range on historical, literary and other timely aspects. Furthermore, she is a member of many Literary and Cultural Organizations and Societies. She has also been elected as President of the Union of Northern Greece Writers. She is currently a member of Diasporic Literature Spot committee.

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