Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Tender and green
Through hell, I had been
Born with unborn dreams
My vision, barbed beams
Far like the sky
O I wish I could fly
To live in heaven
And flee from each raven
O I pray for a dawn
In this freezing lawn
That soaked my tattered gown.


I like people who love me
But not when they refuse to see,
I enjoy those who see far
Even if they hate to be a star
So whatever they can find
We all will never be blind.

My fear is not to mingle
But with whom do I tangle?
Otherwise I would be a waste
Though I try to make haste,
Because men can do any harm
Even if you work in their farm.


When we tour the globe
We speedily raise our hope
But when we stay at a place
We quickly lose the race.

Never fear any great man
Just because he ran
You too can win the battle
Even if you have no cattle.

If you live in a cage
Then forget all about the stage
Because life will give you all
Whether you are short or tall.


When you sail pass a sea
Drink and finish your tea
So that while crossing the road
You can carry all your load.

Troubles sound like thunder
They cut everything asunder
So as the ordinary quake
The Extra ordinary keep wake.

At the edge of the feat
Lies a wonderful seat
But only for the wise
Who can fight to rise.


Sometimes I try to fill my basket
But never in life with a casket,
Not that I will not die
But it is better with pie
Than to lie down dead
When I should use my head.

Grab all you need succeed
Because you have to proceed
Unless you want to become a carrier
By putting a very strong barrier,
So anybody who fails to grow
Will be too cold just like snow.


NGOZI OLIVIA OSUOHA is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in Banking and Broadcasting. She has published over one hundred poems in over ten countries and featured in over ten international anthologies. Her first two longest poems, THE TRANSFORMATION TRAIN and LETTER TO MY UNBORN of 355 and 560 verses published in Kenya and Canada respectively are available on Amazon.

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