Tuesday, May 1, 2018



I have no dresses for me
never go out to breathe fresh air
nor  I meet people
complains one-day Consciousness
me too want to take  walks and
see the sun
I'm tired of being silent
of being kept locked  here inside

Quickly Man replied
everyone knows
you are not used
to wear clothes
those are just for me
It’ s up to me
to face the seasons
stay there, do not claim
what is not for you
most of the times
it's windy or rainy
and even in spring
weather can be bad
if you came out
you’d easily find  yourself
in the midst of  storms
@ Maria Miraglia


You thought
you had learned to accept it
the pain
also because you can't refuse it
that comes suddenly
when you least expect it
to devastate you inside
break all those mental structures
that  you have built over the time
to defend yourself

You can't see but  feel it
like blades
tearing those threads
that like a spider's web
you have woven
and with difficulty
over time

You say I know life by now
you feel prepared
to go through new storms
that are there
ready to surprise you again
to make you feel inadequate
to think you have to start over
all over again
to understand
to accept
@ Maria Miraglia


If you feel unhappy
and full is your heart
of pain
come to me, my dear
I'll tell you to surrender
your whole Self to nature
that never betrays
give your welcome
to the winds the sun and
the clouds that come and go
as anything down here

Forgive and forget
so many the frailties
in men's heart
let it be
and all the burden
of your humane worries
will vanish in one moment
like when waking up
from a nightmare

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