Tuesday, May 1, 2018




Our life's journey involves recognising seed,
then taking it and turning it into what we need,
when some attempt fail, as they surely shall,
we don't go reaching into the wishing well.

Those that succeed put shoulder to the wheel,
they lay solid foundations that don't tumble or reel,
they build and develop the skills that they need,
to obtain the knowledge that grows the seed.

The ground work is done and obstacles removed,
preparation is made and methods improved,
the seed or thought is planted and tended,
to help the growth nutrition is rendered.

We give what it takes to make a success,
we nurture the skills we need to progress,
we do our research to what is required,
add inspiration to what is desired.

The seeds will grow into healthy trees,
with lots of branches that sway in the breeze,
it will flower and bear the fruits of our labour,
plucked by many to devour and savour.
Zararia Yul ©Copyright


Of all the gold and jewels on earth,
beautiful cut diamonds given with mirth,
ruby's and emeralds that shine so bright,
none of it can show the light.

Our souls have by far the greatest worth,
resting deep inside from the day of our birth,
the portals to wisdom bringing deep insight,
guiding our feet on paths that are right.

It's here where we find our glorious peace,
opening the doors to spiritual release,
calm serenity embraces our ways,
joyful pleasures enhance all our days.

A love filled soul rises above the storms,
guiding us on paths of joyful reforms,
peaceful satisfaction grace's our lives
into adventures where divinity strives.
Zararia Yul©Copyright


Emotions roll like thunderous clouds,
minds are swallowed by worldly sounds,
fear and dread embrace our heart,
troubles loom at each day's start.

Riots and unrest consume our peace,
worldly assets bring us no release,
answers vanish like mist in the sun
like headless chickens we go on the run.

Troubles appear from far and near,
consuming the things we love so dear,
there is no man that can guide the way,
chaos reigns as all have their say.

Our senses reel in all the confusion,
nobody seems to have a solution,
aimless wanders fight for position,
equally lost in an unholy institution.

What has happened to the love of man,
all entangled in a sticky jam,
we've lost the purpose of our existence,
caught in the snares of darkened persistence.


MONICA MAARTENS.....Meaning...brightness of dawn river beyond the horizon...Adventurer, nature lover, animal lover, exploring life, emotions, circumstances, always searching for meaning and reason to why things happen to us and then passing on the findings by means of poetry and shortly a few short stories....also on: edenrisingnewbirth.blogspot.com and two books:. LET'S GO ALL PLATINUM on amazon from RVinc Publishers. PRISON B-R-E-A-K on tumbler from Spectrum Publishers.

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