Tuesday, May 1, 2018




I close my eyes
And set my destinations to travel
A traveller bird I am so,
I fly and begin my journey
with the wings of imagination

With an ocean of feelings in my heart
Sometimes laugh , sometimes cry!
The wide azure with its stretched arms
Wants to hold me tight
And welcomes me
Gives me new paths to soar high and high

No need to buy costly air tickets
I am a dreamer of words and emotions
And weave a new sentence
Without any agonize !!

Hurdles of black clouds
Creates some problems
But no worries at all
I love this journey of writing
Without the headache of
Name ,fame and any material chimes

Only a hidden desire to find a Paradise
A place of tranqility
With self satisfaction and subtly' self' divine!!
Varsha Saran@copyright


Finally she smiled!
Like she had seen sun after decades
I saw, a spark in her eyes!
Her blue eyes or an ocean of emotions!
I don't know!
But I can feel her speaking face
And communicate with her, without saying any word
Her face was singing a melodious song!
Longing gave her bitter experience
But now romantic breeze was blowing
After a long period of dark melancholy
She heard a news of his arrival
Now no one can stop her
Her eyes will automatically open the secrets
The Secrets of her mysterious love!!
Varsha Saran copyrighted


Wild oceanic currents of water
Extreme energy level
Not ready to take a deep breath
And not sitting like a cool and calm wind
Rushing, gushing
Whirlpool of violent flow
Everything is getting disturbed
Like a inner struggle of a human being
So much confused
Questions are lot
But answers of peace are less
Let's see how much extreme level at, it will go !!
Because every extreme has its boiling n freezing point and
There will come a day
Of low medium temper of human nature
Then it will calculate all harms and self murder....
During its mood swing!!


VARSHA SARAN is a bilingual poetess and story writer , her many poems and stories have been published in different national and international anthologies, e-zines, magazines, UGC approved literary magazines and newspapers. She won many awards in this journey of writing.

1 comment :

  1. My journey with smile to extreme end.

    Journey of Varshaji always is fine and accomadative. Because, her thoughts and words take all of us along with her in the journey. She puts every experience and thought of her in align with our thinking and never bothers about getting name or fame. She is always neighborly lady without any pomp. Her writing of the journey always brings lot of smiles on our face.

    Now her smiles after a long time also bring happiness in our hearts. Because it is she and her beloved meeting after a long estrangement. But, her writing makes all of us as participants in that happiness. A beautiful write that makes us to smile on and on.

    Extreme is the point of ultimatum that has been justifiably touched by Varshaji. She has touched both the extremities but ready to balance the temparatures and find an equilibrium through her writing. A good thinker, feeler and writer.

    Kudos to her....

    -alur sudhakar