Monday, July 1, 2019




You tell me I can’t communicate, lack social skills, am schizoid
not flexible,
the sun also rises without me, even nicer, even brighter,
you say as you see,
I am worthless, nothing more than a diagnosis
somewhere on the spectrum of autism
whereas what you need is efficiency
what you need is results.

You tell me right in the face, eyes filled with brutality, you don’t hire me
in fact, fire me from society,
you know so very well, you can rely on me,
even though, you don’t mind burying me,
just one more casualty.

Prejudice suits you so well,
with ropes of reports round my neck

Yet, one day, I tell you,
I break through years of inferiority, hijacks of my identity, your elitist attitude,
through boring, boring you, yourself,
hear me swear
I get that bet.


you want a house with a perspective
on an infinite sky
meet yourself in a five star hotel
which suits the colour of your skin
so well, cry like a baby
for a steak, a break, a sexy chick,
short kick, schedules fixed
with bathfoam, booze
long distance phonecalls
you deserve it
are something special
life owes you this
sexy trip

I remember
they all slept together
on a floor
with no program at all
for Soni
the camp lunatic
three long hours
at a row
no food, no poetry,
in your own faeces
smell of dysentery
few beans to share
steal at night
from your
neighbour sis
when she sleeps
you're all back and bone
no breasts, no belly
ur first kiss with no
teeth at all.

You want a house
you complain
no immigration centre
you deserve so much more

cause you know
in the end
no'one of us
wants to be
one of them
children of war.


You told me
I would look perfect
with a certain technique
touch of the tongue
my beauty would be
a delight
just as infinite as
a new born baby
a fragrance of youth
no shades of grey
I made a child smile
made a grown up man cry
there was no trace of
no wink of
we only saw
blue skies.


MARIAN EIKELHOF is a poet who works in her daily life as a psychologist helping as well adults as children to cope with psychosocial problems. Her work inspires her to write about the emotional aspects of existence. Not only she describes feelings of love, intimacy and desire, but also she reflects about states of profound sadness and feelings of emptiness. On the whole she criticizes dehumanisation and an ongoing process of alienation in human relationships. Marian’s poetry book “ a zero hour contract with life” has been translated from Dutch into English and Turkish. Furthermore it is important to state that Marian is an activist for peace and committed to make the world a better place for children.

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